Best Friends#12

Jared had no way to get into the house of  boys.When the tree house was done, it was afternoon and he started to build a writing place for himself so that he could write a story  and get it publish…. mean while at Chelsea’s place her dad got in a plane crash and he had a broken knee….

To Be Continued.

Best Friends#11

Someone vomiting blood sound when the emergency truck came into the room and the kids and the principal also had to tell what had happened. Then the principal told them his name and his name is…..Mr. Bronz  and he gave her a poisonous food and the teenagers chased him but he was to fast but Jared and Chelsea ran the fastest and Jared pulled his clothes off to reveal who the real person really is. And he was Mr. Kludd and he got in jail. Then it was time to go home(for a strange reason) Then at Jared’s home his dad was making a tree house for him. .  . .