Better Friends #3

Chapter 4:

” Mom. Can you drive me to Carrie’s party instead?” Aria asked Chelsea. ” Well, we were planning on both driving you to the party, because we volunteered to the party. Both of us, of course.” Chelsea said.”Okay. Help me pick a dress. PLEASE.” Aria pleaded. “How about the teal coloured one that goes under your knees with all that lacy stuff,” suggested Chelsea. Aria went to get it and… … to her horror, the dress was splattered with mud, and so were all the other dresses! “MOM!!!!!!!!!!! Can you clean this? There’s a dog in my dresser!!!!!!!!” Aria moaned.

Chapter 5:

               ” Darling, we don’t have time for stories. Now get dressed!” Jared scolded the 10 year old Aria.”No…but…DAD!!!Come and see! It’s horrible and there IS a dog!!! Come on! Only 45 minutes until the party!!!” Aria cried. ” Alright, I’ll go see.”said Chelsea. And there it was, sitting on Aria’s favourite t-shirt was a dog. A golden retriever. Soon, the teal dress was cleaned and ready to be worn (HA!). Aria had a good time at the party and quickly, it was time for her to go to bed.

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Better Friends #2

Chapter 2:

The next day….        “Aria! Time to get up! Mummy and Daddy have to go somewhere, and you will go to daycare. OK?” , Chelsea said gently. “Mommy, where are you going?” , Aria asked after she stretched. “Mommy and I are going to work, like usual.” said Jared coming into the room. He left to make breakfast for Aria. Chelsea dressed Aria and took her to the ACTUAL dining room table (They got it at a garage sale from their neighbor.). They finished breakfast and sent Aria to daycare and went to work. They didn’t have a job.YET. Apparently, they were going to a job interview. After the job interview, they went to pick up Aria.

Chapter 3:

Aria was back at home crying and all dirty and and wearing a pale pink RIPPED dirt smeared dress. “What happened, honey? I’ll get you a new dress, ok?” , Chelsea asked. “*sob sob* A *hic hic* big boy pushed me into a *hic hic* mud*hic*puddle!*SOB* (SPLISH-SPLASH! A PUDDLE OF TEARS!Anybody got a umbrella down here? I’m soaked!) Really?*hic hic* A dress? New? Yay!!!*HIC*”Aria tried her best to talk between hics. Now it was time for them to eat. It was Korean style food. Soon,enough it was time for them to sleep.Or not. Instead, they let Aria play for 15 minutes on the new swing-and-slide set.

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Better Friends (A Sequel to:Best Friends)


  Jared walked around in the huge backyard, and sat down on a swinging bench that was for two that they JUST bought and made with the help of the intructions. “This is a nice house for Chelsea and I.” he thought. As soon as he was getting up Chelsea said,”Time for lunch, darling!”. “Coming, love!”, he answered. Jared wondered what it was this time. Last time it was some Chinese food. He went to a huge box he had not lifted upstairs, and they used it as a dining table. Today, it was…. INDIAN CUISINE. They ate quietly, the only sound was them chewing. “So, are you planning on picking up Aria from daycare?” ,asked Chelsea. Aria was their innocent blonde daughter that was 4 years old that looked like an angel. “Yeah,” answered Jared.


Chapter 1:

“Mommy, mommy, mommy! Guess what I made at daycare! A funny mask, a picture, and two more pictures that are for you and Daddy!!”, Aria exclaimed as soon as she bounced in with Jared following her. ” Is it dinner? ALREADY? I was planning on playing Barbies!” , Aria cried. “Come on,eat this. It’s called a broccoli on curry rice with peas.” , Chelsea urged her. Soon, they finished dinner. After that, it was time for Aria to go to bed. As soon as Jared and Chelsea knew that Aria was asleep, they went to bed.


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Wizard Tree#18 The End

It was all a secret.


For now… … …


“Well, isn’t SOMEONE gonna tell me??!!? Meh…”,the Master asked. “Oh yeah, and you Ryan, it’s about time I banished you after these 200 years. You know, that your lucky I still let you stay here for quite a long time.Yup!” he said. ” Well, he-he-he-he changed.” I explained. ” THAT’S E-NOUGH!” said THE MASTER.





Fireworks!(and a tiring adventure.)

Yesterday, my mom, Grace, and I, went to the Celebration of Lights. We walked to the sky train station, then we rode through six stations and then we changed sky trains to a different train. Then, we went through two stations, walked about five kilometers and got to English Bay to see the fireworks. We arrived there at about eight something, we had brought some food along with a toy stuffy (I brought it!) and three water bottles all in one backpack. We also brought a picnic blanket to sit and watch the fireworks. Boy, was it crowded, or was it crowded! And then, when we were walking to the sky train station we saw a fight with teenagers (boys). Oh me, Oh my, my mom acted fast, and made me and Grace run to the other side. Then we finally got inside the sky train and I fell asleep. Then we changed trains. I fell asleep, again! Then we had to walk all the way home. By the time we reached my home it was twelve something. Then we ate ice cream(a good way to end a day! But in my case, start a day.)Then I took a shower and then went to bed and I fell asleep at one fifteen. And I woke up at ten forty-three. . .



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