Aarghh. HNY 2014~2015

oh man i have a really bad stomachache. i swear. to the point i can’t even type with two hands. just one. and with many typos. oh damn. oh man. i feel like i am going to die.

Okay. I had a little spasm there. Probably from the cold. Aiyaa. JKJK. So damn ASIAN. But really. I had a stomachache. And it wasn’t very little. AND IT HAS TO HAPPEN ON  THE LAST DAY OF @)!$
Let’s see if anyone out there can figure it out. NO ONE?? AMAZING! JKJKJK. What is the last day for today? 2014!!! OMG did you know that? NO? ok.

SO, uh. I gotta go now, so, goodnight and I might post resolutions up tomorrow as I have said many times. Bye bye!


Cold, the days were for the past several weeks. Without a single possession of yours or mine left in the world, we crept along the shadows. So what if it ended up in a secret little garden which nobody expected to be there, at all? We wouldn’t be able to reach out to anything or anyone for any help, anytime, any day. it would only be you and i.

BAAM! “Get away! He’s just a piece of garbage that miraculously found its way into this glorious city of lights. Don’t get too close to him. He probably has some kind of disease that makes him think he is all too good for us. HAAHAAHAA.” A teenage boy kicked a boy on the ground roughly said as he continued to taunt the boy.
“Kuh! Do you know who… I am?” The boy choked out at last, his sight slightly wavering.
“Ooohh! It talks! Hey, I know! You’re a prince from a fairy tale!!! Isn’t that right?” The teenager laughed, mockingly.
“That’s… not too far off. I am the prince of this country. I came here to visit the mayor and promote him. I suppose he is not aware of this madness,” the boy stopped to gasp for a little more air, “I shall report this to him… Goodbye.” The boy staggered against the brick wall in the moonlit night. He stumbled through the fog as the teenage boys stared after him in shock, with pleading cries for forgiveness.

“You were attacked? Goodness me! I told you, you should have brought a bodyguard, or EVEN ME! Geev, you’ve ought to take better care of yourself.” Geev, the boy, was receiving a lecture from his personal bodyguard. Geev winced as a maid tended to his bleeding mouth and swollen cheek.
“I wanted explore. Who knew that Mayor Flouwre has a city with some trash polluting it? But they don’t seem very strong to me. They can’t possibly doing some kind of plan to take over this beautiful city of lights. Should I still promote him? Sir Flouwre. Not much ring to it. Ehe.” Geev smiled as the maid finished up.


Happy New Year’s Eve! This post’s font colour is the colour of my lipstick! Why am I wearing lipstick???? Because today there are people coming over and for the fun of it, why not put on some lipstick??? WHY NOT??? It is kind of uncomfortable… I can bear it. YEAAH.

SO, why princess as the title? Because today is a day to think of new dreams. Becoming a princess could be a dream. But chances are, at this day and age, the ratio 3:1500. JKJK. If only. Ehehe.

I’m seriously bored. It is almost 2015!!! Gotta get used to reading that. hehehe.

Anyways, I might not get to type a post for resolutions tomorrow. Might be too busy with other stuff like homework. Eh. So, gotta get working. Adieu~! And Happy New Year!

Reincarnation (Miracle) iv

Rey was soon adorned with even more jewels by the time the Queen’s personal maids came to escort him to the Queen.
“This way, Your Majesty.” The maids opened the large doors and he saw a woman sitting beside a flickering fireplace. She was looking down as she threw a piece of paper into the fire. He saw something that fell from her face. Was it tears?

Rey is now in front of the changed Queen, and she seems to be in a very bad shape. She’s crying and emotionally hurt. What can Rey do? Rey is actually feeling very lost in his own thoughts. He has lost all will and power to do anything else to change his story and take it back into his grasp. He needs help.

“…Come here. … Rey. How long has it been? … 4 years? Your father is gone… for now…” The Queen patted Rey’s hand.

Oh. So this is what life is like. You never know what might come after someone says something. Rey was very confused.

“It’s been 6 years. 6…” Rey said nervously. He wasn’t used to all this suspension. He liked knowledge of what people would say next, what they would do next. He loved knowledge. It was all he needed to live on. But now that the power was taken away from him, life meant nothing more than to take what wasn’t his. It didn’t matter. He could make things his own after all this trash. Of course it wouldn’t work out after all those years. Of course.

I GAVE UPPPPPPP. How come I can’t think of anything for this story? Not intriguing? I DUNNNNNNNOOOOOO! Okay. Uh. So, um, bye. Happy New Year’s Eve!!!

ehh, it’s late.

Hi! I am, at long last, back. Ain’t that just great? Yeah! Hmm. It’s hard to type on the tablet. Not like I am right now. Nope. You can just hear the sarcasm.

So. This might be the last post of the year. Why? Because I am kind of busy. Tomorrow. Entertaining some guests. My parents’ friends from some part of their childhood. And their eldest child. And another friend of my parents’.

Christmas was… I dunno… surprising? Not to be mean, but the gifts I received were not what I expected. Not as advanced technology gifts. But then again they are like, really expensive. ehehehehe. I should be sleeping right now. ahh. Who cares anymore? Not me, that’s who.

Okay, so like, my thoughts on 2014. The overall rating of my year. The one and only word. TERRIBLE. I guess. Well, the guy you hate confessed to you, liking you since last year. But the problem was, you weren’t even in his class! Kinda complex, right? But to add to that stress, his friend confesses to you, two friends liking the same gal. There is some rivalry going on here. And I can prove it. Really. Goddammit.

Anyways, I gotta end this soon. Before it turns twelve o’clock.  So uh, Merry Belated Christmas, and Happy Early New Year! Best wishes from Gloria. Ehehehehehehehehee.

Christmas Eve – I’m in a hurry!

Eyyy there! I’m back again! It’s been like, four days in a row! That means something! I have way too much time in my hands!!! It’s not a bad thing, I promise. It’s a very good thing to humans whom are normal. Which I most certainly am, normal that is. Well if I am not normal then something not too far from that.

Not to sound greedy or anything but I want something interesting for Christmas. Or something interesting to happen. That does not have anything to do with school. If only. But then again, anything interesting that happens, only happens at school, or has something to do with school. Argh. I’m sick of it.

SO. What do you want for Christmas? Comment to share! Just kidding. You can if you want to. But, I don’t really care. About what you want, unless it concerns me, that is. Yep.

I’ll be going now. To finish what needs to be finished. Adieu!

Christmas Eve Eve!!

It’s Christmas Eve Eve! Which means the Evening before Christmas Eve! Which means the Evening before Christmas. Which people probably all know. Anyways, that means CHRISTMAS IS NEARING! AND SCHOOL WILL BE STARTING BEFORE YOU KNOW IT!! Oh damn.

SOOOOO, uh. Yeaah. Um, I’m currently working on three different stories. One for Language Arts, one for Music (to create some kind of BGM for), and one for this blog. You know, ‘Reincarnation (Miracle)’, I’m currently working on the fourth installment. Ain’t that great? No? Alright.

Christmasssssss. Oh well. There is only 1 and a half days until it comes. …. I think I just forgot something important. Well, somewhat important. I still dunno. I probably still dunno. OH WELL. Right.

I have to go now. So, uh, Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! Goodnight! ;D

Early Year REVIEW ~ ahahaha

This post is to see if I have anymore last words. JUST KIDDING!! I mean like, this post is for me to see if I had achieved any of my resolutions for this year. Except earlier. So, uh, HERE WE GO!
1. Yeah I studied before this year…
2. …. Nope.ahahahahahaa
3. I think I called that off. Yeah. I called that off.
4. I can’t type without looking at the keyboard. I’m probably looking at the keyboard right now.
5. … I dunno about this one..
6. Dunno either.
7. I… think so.
8. Nope!
9. I dunno.
10. Yes. And by the way, I actually got better on the Abel test that school year.

And on January 1st 2015 you will find out what I want to work on in 2015. And I’ll probably be ranting on about being old when I am the 3rd youngest in my class and 2nd youngest in my household. Well then, see you on Christmas or maybe before that. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!

It’s fine, right?

Yes. It probably is. What is fine? My lack of inspiration to write more stories. Ahh, what happened to that, right?It’s probably the weird things happening and worries of random things are probably going through my head right now. And later. So basically, when I feel down, I can’t write anything, and can’t really have ideas and comprehend them.

So, anyways. Christmas is in 4 days. Yaaaaaaaaay. I’m actually happier than you think I am. I’m feeling Christmassy because I am currently snacking on a candy cane. Without anyone’s permission. Oh well. When Christmas is over I will be worrying over other things that happen over the next week or so. Like going to the dentist, cavities (possibly), and New Year’s Dinner with my parents’ friends. Oh damn. Must become a model student. JKJK. I can’t do that no matter how hard will try, so I won’t even give it a chance.

Listening to K-pop and typing stories is actually a good combination. Why? Because k-pop  is different and changes every second. And stories are like that. They change a lot. But right now I am not writing any stories. Oh well. I’ll just write some stories some other time. So, uh, bye. I’ll see you sometime again through this week. Byeeeee!


School has ended. Yay. One less thing to worry about. But then more worries will just appear. Like going to the dentist, whom I detest very much. I also gained another job from my mom to my classmates to help her little sister, but first I need to get her email from her friend, so I have her friend’s email, so I emailed her to ask for her email, but she hasn’t responded yet. And when she gives me her email, I have to email her for her phone number, in which I will give to my mom, to phone her mom, to give her a phone number. ALL THAT TROUBLE. FOR A SINGLE PHONE NUMBER. Well, technically, it is for her younger sister. So, uh, never mind then.

So, it’s Christmas in 5 days. OMG, right? I’ll probably type a post on Christmas. And make a small list. Of what I got. To show off. Not really. I have yet to spam my classmates inbox. I shall be off. Goodbye for now!!