it’s an honour

What do I do?! I am stuck. But I have ideas… And I don’t have anything to do with those ideas. I have an art application for high school next year… For an Art Honours class. But I have to create a portfolio… I am stuck on a part of the assignment as I am always super hesitant on things that require others to look at and accept or decline my work… I don’t like that. Someone will say something about my work, and it could be good or bad. Ehh. I need to think more. I also have… math. And science to do. Ahaha. I should do that. Well then, until I have a perfect plan.


Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Speeches have been presented. My French Project is technically the definition of ‘screwed’. I still don’t have a title for my novel that I wrote last term. And I need to make a cover design. My desk’s current state is pretty much what is going on in my brain. To type on the keyboard right now, my left arm is on top of my stack of a science textbook, planner, a novel, papers, and my pencil box. My right arm is on my rough draft of a cover which is pretty much empty. Beside my right hand are two water bottles. … Don’t ask. I also have a lot of Valentines, and… rubix cubes on my computer. I also have a bunch of pens and pencil crayons in front of my key board. My wallet is beside my left hand. I really enjoy describing my current situation. I don’t know why, but I just do. I should do my Science, actually. But… I don’t really know what to do about it, for my teacher wrote the instructions on the board, erased earlier than I anticipated, and didn’t write the assignment on the Planner board. I will… just try to do what she ‘asked’ of us. Yay! Alright. I really should be doing something. Well then, ADIEU~!

i’m done

I’m done in both good and bad ways. In a good way, I have finished my speech and… that’s it. In a bad way, I have absolutely NO plan for my group project for French. And pretty much all of my group is looking at me to think of something. But I CAN’T. I have no idea of what to do for the presentation. I’m already doing the PowerPoint when all they have to do is half, or a little less than half, of the research. What do I do.
Well, if I am so confused, I will research a little on what is a interesting way to present a presentation to a class. Until I have figured it out! Adieu~!


Hey. It’s February. That means Valentines’ Day. And that means speeches are due soon and will be presented sometime next week and probably the week after. Ahaha. I really should’ve done a little more thought on my topic. Mainly because my topic is very sensitive. It’s about dying. Yeah. Kid’s dying. But it’s not too terrible because it’s about mature little beings choosing to die because: a. they are REAL sick, b. or they are REAL sick. Yeah. But there is some really contradicting information in some of my sources when I’m trying to sound half neutral, and also have persuasive about a certain point. Mainly because it’s not happening in Canada. Yah. The other 6/7 class in English have already started presenting. And I’m not even done my body of the speech (so close. just like everything else I do).
Anyways, it’s getting close to 9. Well then, see ya!