Tomorrow is a Pro-D Day for secondary students, but not for elementary students. That means I can visit my little brother!! I really want to see my little, tiny, little brother communicate with kids his age, and in class listening or whatever else kindergartners do. It seems so cute. Oh my. Also, I plan on checking in on some classmates from the years before. With my sister. I think. I don’t know, it depends on when we decide to get up tomorrow. Haha.

I haven’t written something fictional on this blog in a while and posted it. I’m thinking of something… Well, for now. Unless I’m studying for my English test next week. And finishing Socials. And doing something that I can’t quite remember right now. Yippee. Work to do. And I was complaining over the summer break about having no work. Wow. I really regret saying stuff like that. Ha. Alright, I should probably to something more interesting. So, I’ll get going! See ya, until I write something and decide to post it on my blog!

Some Preparations

Well, I have apparently survived the first three days of high school. I succeeded in getting lost less than three times without a map of the school. I got lost 2 times. Many of┬ámy friends had maps, but I just left my map at home. I think I can figure it out by the end of September. Or this week. I think I did pretty good despite my cold that I caught the day before school started. I’m still pretty sick, so I skipped ping pong today. Anyways, HAPPIER news… Tomorrow is my friend’s birthday. I made a card, but I have yet to find a suitable gift. I’ve got to go, because there is school tomorrow. See ya!