A Trip to Downtown

Today I went to Downtown! It was so hot! And I kept saying “I’m hotter then hot!”. And I get to see the (Already flamed) Olympic flam! And there was something inside it. And I saw a sculpture made out of sand! Isn’t that cool? And I went to the Canada Place! The Canada Place is connected to a hotel, is that cool, too? It was a very, very, very fun day today! I went to downtown to renew my parents ‘ passport and apply a new one for my sister.

The Dog

One day a girl named Ann went to the pet shop. Then she saw a dog she thought it was cute. But her mom and dad said no because they were selfish. She was sad. She did’t get. She was more sadder then sad. So the next day. They went back to the pet shop. She saw it again,yep that dog was still there. Once again she asked her mom and dad and they said yes! They let her have it. She was so happy. (Here comes the sad part!) The dog was so healthy that it died. She was sad again. But the good thing is that she had a picture of the dog.

The Ice Cream Makers

There once was two ice cream makers and they  were  sisters. Today they were bored so their mom told them that to go to the Sugerplum Fairy weirdly. They wonder why were going there. But they still go there. Were they saw the Sugerplum Fairy? Then the Sugerplum Fairy asked why they came. They replied that they were bored. The Sugerplum Fairy had a idea — a good one.  She gave them each one a gift. The first one got a barbie. The second got a boy barbie. Then they said bye after they opened their gifts. Then they were never ever bored again.

The End