When I Got My MSN

Two days ago I got a MSN. First of all you were wondering what a MSN is.  A MSN is on the computer and you could connect to the people you want to talk  to and  you could type.  I could talk to anyone I want! I feel happy.

Anything I Can Write

So you can see I can tell you lots of things.  And my sister lost her fifteenth tooth! And today I got hurt twice.The first time was my mom playing with my pants. And second was my sister accidently  cut me. But I am okay.

Canada Day Carnival

Yesterday was Canada Day. Which means the carnival’s back!! What I did at the carnival:play golf, toilet toss, ring toss, plinko, shooting stars, and jumping castle. The Canada cake had so much strawberries. It was so yummy!! 😛 I saw my classmates. *

*Grace typed it, Gloria instructed me. 😛

My Tooth

Today I lost a tooth.  Do you know how?  I will tell you.   At school I fell down and scraped myself.  And I knocked my chin!  Do you know how I fall?    I ran so fast that I fall down.  So that’s what happened.  It was raining and I slipped.  My friend Nathan found my tooth.  Now that I am happy I can enjoy!

P.S. After dinner, my mom helped me to pull out another wiggle tooth.  So one day I lost two teeth.  Not bad!

The Time I Was Sick

On Friday I was sick.  But I still go to school in the morning. After I felt cold. My teacher phoned my mom to pick up me home. Now I am fine. Today I feel so good to go to school.