unfinished for a while

I have 3 unfinished posts that range from last year to this March that are either stories, poems, or prose. I’m not sure of if I should even finish them to release them onto the web. Perhaps over this summer break I will bring myself to look at it again, fix and finish it. Unless I erase and delete the entire post before then. I’ll try not to delete the posts. And finish them. Hopefully.

I haven’t done much for the past month and I haven’t planned out anything for the next month, so… I’ve got everything under control. I haven’t planned out how I’m going to organize my stuff for school next year. I should start thinking about it. But who knows, I might get distracted again by TV shows and music.

I noticed that a lot of my posts are categorized under ‘Uncategorized’ even though there are other categories that are alongside it. I’m gonna stop doing that. Because it makes more sense this way.

I’ve been writing about a whole lot of nonsense these days. I keep starting a whole bunch of things with no purpose, then I abandon them. Maybe I could plan things out and give it a lot of thought before wasting materials and space. I feel sort of hesitant, bad, sad, and uncomfortable with the way things are for me. I want to do something cool, fun, and enjoyable. The thing is, I don’t know what makes me feel that way. Listening to music makes me feel something close to that, but I want to do more than just sit there and listen to music.

We’re making dumplings today, so I feel like I should help out. Sooooo, see you all next time!

Thin Ice: long time no see

Well, it has appeared to me that I haven’t published an installment to this series for almost a year! I have resumed the typing of this story. I just felt someone would forget. The reason for this long hiatus was because school hit. I started grade seven and some projects piled in and I had to write a novel as a project. In conclusion, I didn’t have inspiration before and I simply had my hands full. Yes. Simply. I should continue. Until the next one is out!

alright. more.

Hi. It’s me. You know. The one who’s been here for 6 years? Yeah. Me. SO, you know that Thin Ice story; the one about the detectives; the one I wrote in the summer? I have writer’s block on that story, and I plan on writing a side story to it, and I am about halfway through it and I have writer’s block on that as well. What will I ever get done?
I’m halfway through my religion work, and I’ve been staring at the same question for 17 minutes now. I have… 6-7 more questions to do. Let me at it then. Adios~!


I. Have writer’s block. Well, a more complicated version of it. It always happens to me. I wrote the Thin Ice case thing story right? About a detective pair. So, my kind of writer’s block is when you look at the story and then you’re not motivated to write more. It’s like I can’t and don’t. It’s like I’m no longer interested in writing that… story. I think right now I like to rant about things and then regret them later. And rant about things I don’t actually mean or think about. Strange.

I have new school supplies. I think I should organize those. But I don’t want to get up form my spot at the desk. Well. I am getting a lot of things done!
OOOOOHHHH. My mom bought me this big book of ‘grade 6 stuff you should learn within the year’ last year in the summer before grade 6. I… haven’t finished it. And there are 2 weeks and a half left until grade 7. Good. Accomplishing things!

Hopefully you are more… organized and prepared than me. I can’t and I am lazy. VERY GOOD. Okay. I need to go. Church later. I should clean up. Yup. Yeahh. BYE. Until I accomplish something!! ADIOS~!

sneak peak…

Hey there! I am currently writing a story and I am at 955 words. But I forgot how to end a section without making it too long. The story is called Thin Ice, and it revolves around a detective. Not that I would know anything about that. I am actually doing some research on that area. Anyways, it takes place in a fictional world. But it is mostly the same to our own world. I just don’t want to use real places, and then get criticized on how wrong it is. So yeah! I’m just trying to exercise my imagination.
You know, I kind of just realized that my train of thought when I am writing stories on this blog is really fast. For example, I think of something, it just processes through my brain really fast, and most of the time, my fingers move before I am finished thinking about the idea. So technically, my brain is spelling things out for my fingers. I think that when I am looking at the letters on the keyboard, I imagine pressing them down and typing down a story, and then I actually type it out.

I find it funny how I am typing a detective series and I’m listening to BIGBANG. It has no relation to such a topic, and yet it makes me continue writing and writing out my ideas. Maybe it reminds me of something. But, to be honest, I actually have no idea what i am doing. Mayne I’ll just finish the story today. Well, not the entire story, but that one section. You know? That one first part that is REALLY LONG. LIKE, A THOUSAND AND PROBABLY MORE WORDS A SECTION–SECTION.

Anyways, this has been Gloria. It’s been fun. Just kidding!! Until next time, my friends! Adieu~!

why so hesitant? (sprummer)

I have like, 3 posts that are one shots in my drafts. And I am not publishing at least one of them. That means one of them will be in my drafts forever. And the other two… I’m just a little hesitant to publish it on the website. You see, I don’t have a lot of confidence in my writing, or anything of mine… So it takes me a long time to decide something that usually takes a couple of seconds to decide. Meanwhile… I’m over here trying to figure out what to do with the things that might be critically judged. But, whatever.

It’s kind of hot here. Like, 23 degrees Celcius or something. IDK, I didn’t check. It just tells me that it is the time of year when it is half spring and half summer. SPRUMMER! JKJK. ANYWAYS, I have some things to get done. So… See you next time I update! Or post something i wish I wouldn’t/shouldn’t of.

Hey you

Hello there! After a while I decided that I’m going to stop my story. Why don’t I ever finish my stories? Because after a while, I think that the story idea is a little too close to something I’ve seen before so ummm. For those how would’ve ACTUALLY WANTED to read my stuff and ideas, … well, I wouldn’t know. I don’t really have much confidence. Kinda. At least I did this blog thing. Maybe because………………….
Alright! I’ll try a one-shot then. See you then!


Umm. About the story Playing Around that OLD story… if you read it… forget about it. Please.

Switching topics. Tomorrow is picture day! I mean, the student individual pics. As I said in my other post, YES, I will look 100% better than last year. Last year I looked like… a… ghost. With terrible hair. Hmm. Time to realize something again. Guess what? I always look and act more girly on special-er or.. yeah special-er days and events. But then why do I care? Tenimyu is more important. And Tenipuri.
My 20-yrs old cousin has two posters for Tenipuri… SO LUCKY!!! He says that he paid for them online and got it sent to him. Lucky.

Anyways, I’d rather stay at home read stuff, going on the computer, and listening to music/songs, than, go to school. But, I like school more this year than last, because of the teacher is ‘more interesting’ than last year. No offense last year teacher. Y’know (I think I already put this, but I’ll say it again nonetheless…) there are ONLY 3 grade 5 girls (including me…) in my class. And then there are 5 grade 5 guys. And all the grade 6 girls in my class are overrated and stupid, and, OBSESSED. With boys not even worthy of being obsessed over, UNLIKE THE TENIMYU CUTE ACTORS!! Meh. I’ll get going since umm, tomorrow is Student Photo Day. Adieu~!

Update: Me!

Yo. Uh, Story Reason, I deleted Playing Around, because, uh, I WANTED TO. Yeah, it’s going to be some sort of MYSTERY. *thumbs up* Yep.
And, um, so far, the Grade Five math is not too hard. Patterns. Like Pattern rule, and all that jazz. All the figuring out the pattern rule from only 4 or 5 or 6 numbers. And some of the patterns don’t really make sense to me. Eh…
Ain’t this post full of random topics? Listening to this K-Pop song my sister showed. We’re not really into Korean stuff, more into C-Pop (?(Mostly Jay Chou)), and J-Pop (Or maybe just PoT covers and actual original songs.)

I’m thinking about a new topic to make another list. Argh. Nothing so far. Great right? I think I’ll write another separate post about boredom. Ja ne!