unfinished for a while

I have 3 unfinished posts that range from last year to this March that are either stories, poems, or prose. I’m not sure of if I should even finish them to release them onto the web. Perhaps over this summer break I will bring myself to look at it again, fix and finish it. Unless I erase and delete the entire post before then. I’ll try not to delete the posts. And finish them. Hopefully.

I haven’t done much for the past month and I haven’t planned out anything for the next month, so… I’ve got everything under control. I haven’t planned out how I’m going to organize my stuff for school next year. I should start thinking about it. But who knows, I might get distracted again by TV shows and music.

I noticed that a lot of my posts are categorized under ‘Uncategorized’ even though there are other categories that are alongside it. I’m gonna stop doing that. Because it makes more sense this way.

I’ve been writing about a whole lot of nonsense these days. I keep starting a whole bunch of things with no purpose, then I abandon them. Maybe I could plan things out and give it a lot of thought before wasting materials and space. I feel sort of hesitant, bad, sad, and uncomfortable with the way things are for me. I want to do something cool, fun, and enjoyable. The thing is, I don’t know what makes me feel that way. Listening to music makes me feel something close to that, but I want to do more than just sit there and listen to music.

We’re making dumplings today, so I feel like I should help out. Sooooo, see you all next time!

we aren’t living

A busy intersection. The streets are filled with people despite the late hour.
This isn’t a special holiday, but why do you look so happy there?
Walk past, forget, keep going, remember, don’t look back.

The hallways seem to crush me,
as I walk behind and see all your backs turned on me.
You forget me so easily, how were we ever together?
I hint at a ‘hello’
but you just keep walking and ignore my wave.
What happened?
Did we just drift apart?
Walk past, forget, keep going, remember, the times we were together.

Do you remember what they said about us?
We were going to meet new people, make new friends, find better people.
You were going to meet new people, make new friends, find better people.
was going to meet new people, make new friends, find better people.
But I didn’t. I thought we were going to be together through all this.
But you did. You met new people, made new friends, found better people.
Walk past, forget, keep going, remember, just to forget yet again.

The same busy intersection. The same streets filled with people.
Except you’re not there.
Why can’t I see that you’re happy?
Walk by, wave, “hello,”, keep going.


Thin Ice: long time no see

Well, it has appeared to me that I haven’t published an installment to this series for almost a year! I have resumed the typing of this story. I just felt someone would forget. The reason for this long hiatus was because school hit. I started grade seven and some projects piled in and I had to write a novel as a project. In conclusion, I didn’t have inspiration before and I simply had my hands full. Yes. Simply. I should continue. Until the next one is out!

Thin Ice ~ Begin Investigation! – side story

This is just a side story for the weird detective series thing I was doing… in the summer. I decided to have a random one because the actual story is being held off from where it is… at the moment. I wanted to fill in some space with related material. So I am using the same characters and maybe some new ones for this side story… It’s also written as third person, not first. Also, this will not be completed if it takes too long. It’s just a base for the story. Don’t look too forward to this little section of a weird story. 

Lillie smiled as she went for her morning run and listened to her favourite singer’s recently released material. Today was a day like no other (some things always start like that; don’t complain). Lillie’s new mentor was going to arrive today! She had a schedule that she followed and this was how it went: she would finish up her run at 8 morn. and then have a quick sandwich and take an energy drink with her to the office. She would then receive her mentor and then work with her on a simulated case and then go for lunch at 2 eveni. and get to know the mentor. Then, since she still needed to have a mentor, she would leave at 5 eveni. in time for her bus.

“Morning! Good morning, sir!” Lillie greeted her superiors brightly and energetically.
“Morning… Did you finish the files? Remember how I needed them for my presentation?” The man that shared a table with her, another person awaiting their mentor, had asked her for help finishing up a presentation the other day.

“Oh. Riight. I have them in my UltraSmallBag (USB). I’ll go get it. Hold on…” Lillie began to rummage through her bag hurriedly, “Aha! Right here. Here ya go.”
“Thanks! I’ll pay you back soon.” The man ran off to check it at his computer.

“Lillie! The chief wants you in the office. I think it’s about your new mentor. You should hurry up and get there.” Another co-worker told her.
“Ah, thanks.” Lillie grabbed her bag and knocked on the chief’s door.
“Come on in.” The chief’s voice came from the room.
Lillie opened the door and saw the chief sitting in his usual spot and then looked up at the woman standing beside the chief’s desk.

“Lillie, this is your new mentor, Syliva. Syliva, I hope you two will get along, and Lillie, I hope you learn lots from this exceptionally intelligent girl. Your first assignment will be this. It’s a mock case for you two to get used to each ability needed to accomplish a case. Take it easy, and good luck!” The chief handed Syliva an envelope and waved the pair off.

Outside the office, Syliva reached her hand out at Lillie.
“Nice to meet you, Lillie. I hope we learn lots from each other.”
Lillie clapped her hand onto hers.
“Yup. Let’s check out this case. Or… this mock case…?”

alright. more.

Hi. It’s me. You know. The one who’s been here for 6 years? Yeah. Me. SO, you know that Thin Ice story; the one about the detectives; the one I wrote in the summer? I have writer’s block on that story, and I plan on writing a side story to it, and I am about halfway through it and I have writer’s block on that as well. What will I ever get done?
I’m halfway through my religion work, and I’ve been staring at the same question for 17 minutes now. I have… 6-7 more questions to do. Let me at it then. Adios~!


I. Have writer’s block. Well, a more complicated version of it. It always happens to me. I wrote the Thin Ice case thing story right? About a detective pair. So, my kind of writer’s block is when you look at the story and then you’re not motivated to write more. It’s like I can’t and don’t. It’s like I’m no longer interested in writing that… story. I think right now I like to rant about things and then regret them later. And rant about things I don’t actually mean or think about. Strange.

I have new school supplies. I think I should organize those. But I don’t want to get up form my spot at the desk. Well. I am getting a lot of things done!
OOOOOHHHH. My mom bought me this big book of ‘grade 6 stuff you should learn within the year’ last year in the summer before grade 6. I… haven’t finished it. And there are 2 weeks and a half left until grade 7. Good. Accomplishing things!

Hopefully you are more… organized and prepared than me. I can’t and I am lazy. VERY GOOD. Okay. I need to go. Church later. I should clean up. Yup. Yeahh. BYE. Until I accomplish something!! ADIOS~!

Thin Ice ~ Case 1 – Part III: familiar faces

“Syliva, I wanted to ask him how he was alive.”
“Why in the love of Dwoinn, would you ask that poor man such a question?”
“Because my parents told me he was dead.”
“He could be another Denale Hait.”
“But we searched up all people whom may have been named Denale, and he was the only one!”
“Oh. Well, you can go see him another time. Thanks for keeping it professional. It seems that you have improved with keeping your own emotions out of investigating. Good work.”
“Argh! Well, we could go investigate more at the crime scenes. I must try my best!”
“Great. Now let me get some sleep. We’re up at 7 in the morning.”

April 54th, 40091 yr. – 6:50 morn. ~ Meeting Room No. 3
“It seems that the two new additions are progressing faster than we expected. You must complete another piece today.”
“Of course. I’ll have it done by 9 eveni.”

– 7:13 morn. ~ Hotel Room
“Come on! Wake up! The meeting is in the next hour! We need to hurry up!” Syliva was shaking me out of my light slumber.
“Uhh… What?? What time is it? When do we need to be there?” I asked, blindly flipping out of my covers and stumbled towards the washroom.
“Don’t worry. It’s only 7:13 morn. The meeting’s at 8:20. Take your time!” Syliva smiled and sat down on the bench in front of the window and began to input information into her Gemphone.

I quickly got dressed in my uniform, a black baseball hat with a blue heart in front, my large hoodie that was completely cyan, my black skinny jeans, and a pair of gray high tops. I let my black hair down, and I wore my dark blue prescribed glasses. These glasses were kind of like my Gemphone, except I was the only one that could see what was being displayed for me. It also provided night vision mode for me! Anyways, we headed down to the hotel’s diner for a breakfast once I had finished getting ready. Before we knew it, it was 7:42. We needed to be at the Police Headquarters a little earlier than the meeting. So, we hailed a cab and headed straight there.

– 8:05 morn. ~ Police Headquarters Lobby
“Hmm… Seems like only a few are on duty here. The rest are probably patrolling or something…” I said scanning the area.
“We should head over to the office.”
“Aye aye, Captain.”

~ Head Chief’s Office
Syliva knocked lightly on the large doors as I fumbled around with the contents of my bag. I pulled the case file and notebook out and clutched onto them nervously.
“Come in.” A low, deep voice commanded.
We opened the door and saw a large table with a large man sitting at it. The province’s flag along with the country’s flag were crossed over behind his giant chair. Around the table were shelves beyond shelves of books. One particular shelf looked like it was filled with case files similar to the one I was holding onto.

“I heard that you have a very effective way of investigating. I’d like to review what information you have so far.” The man, Head Chief Johm Mured, leaned forward in his chair and eyed us with a creepy expression, as if he expected nothing more than a piece of paper.
In fact, we had 4 pages of confirmed facts, and we had 2 pages of unconfirmed information. Some 3 pages were autopsy reports, and 2 pages were suspect interrogation records. Put them all together, and you have 11 pages.
When I handed him the piece of paper, he looked half surprised and half… confused. As if… he didn’t expect us to get this far in our investigation.

“Well, well. You’ve gotten very much done! You’ve only been here for a day and you already have this much done! It took our investigators 2 WEEKS to get this much. Alright. I shouldn’t keep you. Here. Have this. It’s the murder weapon for the most recent killing. I hope you will find out something from it.” Chief Mured said as he brushed a finger over his atrocious mustache.
“Th-thank you. We really appreciate this piece of evidence. We will get going. Bye.” I said, petrified.


“Okay. What’s wrong with you, Lillie?” Syliva asked with disapproval in her eyes.
“I… Well… He! He… was the one that was in… my dad’s last case. The Chief was investigating the case in which there was an assassin that had already been convicted, but he escaped. No one found him. But he was right there! I saw his face. I can never forget. He was the one that ruined my father. He was the one that… AHH!!”

“Well, well, well. Little girl… We meet again.”

Thin Ice ~ Case 1 – Part II: cold curfew

“Alright. What we need to do first is to take down all the information we have now, and add the new information down. Come on, Lillie. Write all the new facts in this note pad. Okay, so it seems that no one knows where she has gone since her graduation, nobody from her family has seen her since she went to out to look for a job. As an architect, she found success. People treated her nicely and her work was praised. The suspected was released as he was unrelated to the case at hand. Huh. Strange…” Syliva wrinkled her nose.
“Huh? What’s wrong?” I wondered, confused.
“Are the police here really that ignorant to arrest a poor visitor because he was the only one related her in just one way and was in the area? I think there is more to this. I’d like to find this Mr. Denale Hait.”

Syliva took me to the police department to find out where this Mr. Hait lived, or rather, stayed. They didn’t know, because that information was not provided to the ones up front and it wasn’t allowed to be distributed to the ones that had just arrived. So, we started to look him up. His last name was the same as mine, so I called my parents to ask if there was anyone in our family named Denale.

Turned out there was one uncle from my father’s side. He had died seven years ago in a motorcycle accident. It was known that he had an estate in the countryside. More like, this village. This estate was located near a bridge. With a bridge in mind, we headed to the only bridge in this village.

“Where is the estate?” Syliva asked looking around the bridge, only to find that there was a large patch of trees were blocking the view to the rest of the village.
“My mother sent me a picture of the main house just now to my Gemphone. Here.” I tapped on the small device’s screen and two large screens were projected into the air. I swiped across the smaller screen and pressed a small picture. On the larger suspended screen, displayed the picture of the estate.
The estate was decorated with a lot of different kinds of flowers of the same horrifying colour. A dark mustard colour.

“We can use this. Let’s go. We have to find this hidden estate.” Syliva handed my Gemphone to me and rushed into the dense forest. I followed promptly, slipping my Gemphone quickly back into my shoulder bag.

We followed a walking trail deep into the forest. We went past many other houses and small neighbourhoods. Soon the sun started to set, and a bell started to ring. That was the warning bell for the curfew in the village. We knew that we had to hurry and find that manor before lights went out. Before we knew it, we began to run, and not too soon after, we found the manor. We walked up the steps to what we believed to be the front door. We looked at each other and nodded. I knocked on the door three times.

Syliva and I waited for what seemed like a million years when the door finally opened. We were met by an elderly woman.

“Excuse me, do you, by any chance, know a man by the name of Denale Hait? We would like to ask him a couple of questions regarding his arrest.” Syliva asked to the frail looking woman in her night gown.
“Ah.” The woman looked at us suspiciously, then said, “What about his arrest?”
“Well, there seems to be something wrong with the records and we want him to help us with what ever he knows about the most recent murder.” Syliva explained. I nodded and started to pull the case file out when, all of a sudden an old man walked out of a room inside to stand beside the woman.

“I’m Denale Hait. What do you want, young ladies?” The man in his dark purple robe rubbed at his eyes and focused on us.
“We’d like to know about your arrest.” Syliva said.
“Oh. Well, it seems like you might need to come inside of our most humble home.”

“First of all, you were accused of murdering Raine Gairle. You were only a client of hers, correct? So, who were you accused by?” I asked as Syliva took a sip from the offered cup of water.
“…I was accused by the police. Well, I was there with Raine because I asked to meet up with her so we could discuss the plans for my son’s house. She offered that we go to her apartment, so I showed up there. When I got there, the room was freezing. She led me to the dining room and spread the plans for the house out on the table. She was interrupted by a Gemphone call. She told me to stay in there for she thought the Gemphone call would be a short one. So, she walked out into the apartment’s hallway, just outside her apartment. That Detective was the one that thought I murdered her.” Denale answered angrily.

“Who was the detective? How come he was there first?” Syliva asked before I could continue my questioning process.
“Some kind of jar… I don’t really know.” Denale thought hard.
“Detective Herold Jarrode! Of course it was him! This is probably why he was recently transferred to be the Head Detective of the case!” I concluded.
“But why was he there without anyone alerting the police? How come he knew something was going on there? It can’t be a coincidence.” Syliva pondered.
“Well, this guy is wrong. The murder didn’t happen when I was there. Because she came back later on.” Denale said, and took a large gulp of tea from his mug.

“What was she like when she came back?” I asked, eager to know. What happens if her emotions have something to contribute to this case?
“Hmm. I believe she was quieter than when we began. She seemed kind of.. disturbed. And she wrapped things up faster. She said we could finish the final plans next week.” Denale sighed, and sat back.
“Maybe the Gemphone call had bad news. Well, thanks for the information. We will clear up your name and find the culprit to ensure no one wants you out.” Syliva promised and stood up.

“It’s alright. We’re fine here.” The old woman from before assured us.
“We’ll investigate more tomorrow. Don’t you worry. Well then! We shall be going. Goodnight, be well!” Syliva and I walked out to find police cars parked outside the home.

“Curfew just started! We will take you to the hotel you will stay at.” Officer Sheor said as he stepped out of his large truck of a police car.
“Thank you!”

Thin Ice ~ Case 1 – Part I: ticket to elsewhere

Ding! The doors to the elevator slid open, revealing a long hallway to a single door. It was decorated with bells that attached to the doorknob. The bells were light blue and pink. How peculiar. Where would anyone obtain blue and pink bells? I am someone people call an ‘investigator’. My name is Lillie Hait. Not so intimidating, right? Well, I’ll just let you see how terrifying the things I investigate are..

My past was very simple. How I got into this line of occupation… Well, that was as stereotypical as things go. Some incident happens and I’m inspired. It just so happens that my dad was a detective, and as he was investigating a crime scene, the criminal involved attacked my dad, but, since his reflexes were quick, he grabbed the criminal and slammed him hard on the ground. And the criminal of course, was promptly arrested. Sounds like a stupid way to be inspired, but, I tell you, it is way more cool seeing it in real life than just telling you.

This story starts off with my training. I was nearing the end of my training with my mentor, Syliva, when she was assigned a case that took place in a nearby village. To pinpoint the exact location, it was the village of Dacca in the country we live in called Dwoinn. There was a series of murders that were occurring in the village that worried the citizens. The police force and investigators along with the forensics team could not prove the only suspect was the actual criminal. The suspect was then released, leaving no other suspect to investigate. Everyone was in the dark. The crimes’ locations were all over the village, and the citizens had a curfew due to the incidents. The village’s police had called their detectives to try to figure out who the real murderer is.


April 53rd, 40021 yr.: “The tickets have arrived. We’ve been told that they need us as soon as possible. They wouldn’t want any other murders to happen before they solve one. Well, did you pack your bags?” Syliva asked.
“Yes, ma’am. I have them right here. I checked all the files regarding the case. The victim’s family–”
“We’ll go over the case on the train. Now, We’ve got to hurry to the train station! Let’s go!” Syliva cut me short.
“Yes, ma’am! Right away!”

The taxi pulled up to the front of the station. We quickly unloaded the bags and ran in, checked the tickets and headed to the car that we would be staying in.
“Well, Lillie. Could you pull out that file we were discussing about earlier?” Syliva said as she pulled her jacket off and put it up with the bags.
I hurriedly unzipped my bag and pulled out the case’s file. It was marked ‘Gairle Murder Case’.
“Here it is.”
“Well, let’s see. The victim’s name is Raine Gairle. Gender: Female. Birthday: February 72nd, 39991 yr.  Age: 30. Occupation: Architect. So far the only suspect was one Denale Hait. The relation between Hait and Gairle, is that Gairle designed his previous home in Werthen, the city of technology. Hait was then released because there was no evidence of his participation in the murders or the knowledge that she was even at the village at that time. There are no other suspects arrested. Well, seems like this case is a dead end, even for us. Maybe if we investigate all the crime scenes and put the information together, we may be able to find the culprit. Are you ready for some poking around?” Syliva went over the facts.
“I’m up for anything!” I exclaimed excitedly.

The train ride was only 3 hours long, so we got there before lunch. We immediately contacted their police headquarters. They told us that the most recent crime was at an apartment complex near the police headquarters. Actually, it was only 3 blocks away. We headed there without delay. The apartment in the complex was on the seventh floor, so respectively the room number was 79. We knocked on the closed door with 4 brightly coloured cones surrounding it. A police officer on guard opened the door and eyed us suspiciously.

“Hello officer! I am Detective Syliva Fraesi and this is my apprentice Lillie Hait. We’re from Quideen. We were called to help with the investigation.” Syliva explained and handed the poor officer her business card and a piece of paper.
“Uh, ah. I see, you have a permit. You may look around. Please tell the head detective over there any new findings. His name is Detective Herold Jarrode. He was recently placed as the Head Detective. Over there is the forensic team. They’re checking fingerprints on the murder weapon and the room in which the murder took place. Right! The name’s Officer Rishard Sheor. You can ask me anything. Regarding the case of course! Ahaha…” Officer Sheor laughed and handed us each a pair of gloves.
“Thanks!” I was excited to get started.

“Alright. So far, you have only concluded the victim’s background information. Her connections, money handling, and clients. Her family haven’t been in touch with since she got here, which was approximately 2 months ago. She has a stable income and she has no debt to pay. Her clients say that she was a very intelligent person, and said that her structures were absolute pieces of art. That’s a good sign. So there are no other possible connections to her? Any other people that could be related to her. Classmates?” Syliva asked the Head Detective, Herold Jarrode.
“Well, according to the people that knew her, they said that she never mentioned anyone she knew from her childhood. When we looked through her room, we found a grade seven class picture. We contacted everyone we could find in that picture. They all say that they haven’t heard from her after high school graduation. So that wasn’t very helpful.” Detective Jarrode scratched his neck.
“Alright. Thanks for your help. I think we’ll manage for now. We’re going investigate a bit.”