at last, the hurdle

I have absolutely zero ideas of what to do right now. I have three assessments next week. Thank god it is a long weekend because tomorrow is a Professional Day. Also, tomorrow is my parents’ 21st wedding anniversary. I feel like I should do something for that, but I’m not sure as to what. What do people usually do for anniversaries of this nature?

There is a project upcoming in my Science class and I think that I’m going to be doing it on diabetes, its effects on the human body, how we counter/control it, and the current research. Through this idea, I will create a report and potentially a website to better display my ideas. Hopefully, my teacher approves of it and I can do this well.

I have to write another essay in English. For my first essay, I got 4/6. As many people do when they get curious, they ask me for my mark, which I don’t care whether or not others know. So I tell them, and their response is usually, “Oh, of course,” like they expected that I would get good marks. I really hate when people assume that I am smart. I have to put in a lot of effort to get those marks, only to have others say that I was only putting forth minimal amounts of effort. I do get satisfactory or barely-passing marks. Sometimes when I barely pass something and others find out, they are so surprised and they blame the teacher with some really absurd excuse. Usually, it is not the teacher’s fault.

I think my teachers this year are okay. I mean, they are great at what they do, but some scare me slightly. Some are… weird, but then again who is not weird? It’s getting late and I should probably sleep. Well then, until the next time, and I might write something creative later on!

spring into action

Well. It snowed on Monday, and with today being a rather warm Friday, I think the weather is having some temperature spasms. It was like 4 degrees Celsius yesterday, but today was like 11 degrees after school.

Today was the last day of school before Spring Break. I want to meet with an old friend. Mainly because I haven’t seen them in quite a while. Maybe 2 years? I dunno. I talked to them within that time though, but not face-to-face. Anyway, O have some homework, actually less than I thought I would have. I have to do my last Lit. Circle for English, an Art History page (or two), aandd… that’s it. Only two assignments. My Lit. Circle is already half complete, and the Art History page will probably take a day to finish. I finally get to have a bit of a break. But I should still be a little bit productive. Maybe do something useless but art-related. Perhaps sleep a little more. Write more. Conserve energy and lay down for extended periods of time. :)) And play lots of games.

It is getting late. And I want to draw or play a game, so, see y’all later!

it’s my birthday

YESSS, it’s my birthday! I’m 13! Surprisingly, I actually got quite a number of gifts from my friends and family. A list would look like this:

  1. A whole bunch of CHOCOLATE (like 4 bars)(lol)
  2. A fancy water-resistant, sports watch (sparkly!!)
  3. Some money (idk, man)
  4. A ladybug themed cup/goblet/bowl-ish container (woah)
  5. A Starbucks card
  6. A hilarious notebook (no, really.)
  7. A lot of cards
  8. Two drawings of cakes by my cute baaaby brother in kindergarten!!!
  9. Three bags/packages of junk food/deep-fried stuff. (;P)
  10. A CHOCOLATE cupcake with caramel icing on the top with SPRINKLES (yum!)
  11. A bouquet of flowers made of tissue paper, a ribbon, and some sticks. (wow)

That’s actually quite a list. Another thing my friends did was decorate my locker. It was covered with gift wrapping paper with HAPPY BIRTHDAY all over it. And green streamers. And sticky notes with some messages on them. At the end of the school day, I took it down CAREFULLY and brought it home. Dinner was great. THANKS MOM and DAAD. Well then, see y’all!

Playland/PNE… oops.

I went today!! I went onto a lot of the rides, and didn’t feel so sick after any of them! Since it was a day at Playland for schools, I saw a bunch of my old classmates from my previous school. I told one of them that it was me, and he was… surprised, and awkward. Then, a bunch of them walked right past me, which meant, I am recognizable.

To the rides! We went on the musical ride. It was one of the fast rides but short rides, and my friends forced me to the outside part. So, I ended up having about 130 pounds pressing against my ribs. A wonderful feeling, I assure you.
My favourite ride… The log ride. It was basically water slides, except the part that people get worried about is the speed and water that splashes out.
The ride that I didn’t go on and looked scary was a ride called ‘the Beast’ and it swings like the Pirate Ship ride, but it also spins a lot, and swings as high as a obtuse angle!!! M’lordy.

On the way back, the car I was on broke down. We had to push the car into a parking lot slot. And then we got yelled at by some creepy Italian dude. At the end we were picked up by the driver’s wife. We ended up being pretty late. I think pushing a car is fun. It should be a sport!

Well, I also get to go next year as well. Because, I am in a Gr. 6/7 class, that means the whole class goes, but it points mostly for the grade sevens. SO. I get to go next year too!
I’m gonna get going now! Until next time…

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEE(!), and only me.

Hi. It’s my birthday!!! Guess what I got? I got a bluish greenish sweater with sparkly black stars on it, a long sleeve pair of pajamas (I didn’t have any ones that were a pair, and fit me.), a drawing pad, and… uh… some cards.

I had school too. I brought a box of Skittles and Starburst to school. ALSO, I had immunizations. They still hurt. It was like,1, 2, 3, and right on three, they stabbed me in the arms.  I was not ready. I had 2 shots IN THE SAME TIME!!! That was the morning. Then the day proceeded normally.

So, uh, we’re going to have birthday noodles (chinese tradition), and then later on through the night there will be chocolate cake. Well, then, it is almost dinner… so I have to go. Until next time!

Oh, would you look at the time!

Yeah. Look at it. It’s almost my BIRTHDAY!!! I’mma be old!!!!!! Well, I’m pretty sure I’m the third youngest in my class. No, really. On that same day, I’m getting immunizations. Great. Really great. Then 7 days later, the 27th, it will be individual student picture day. Better look beautiful. YEEAAAHH!! Let’s see… We have intake interviews (aka Teacher-Parent interviews) this week. Uh.. There’s school 5 days a week? I have Music on Mondays and Wednesdays? Oh. Look at the time again. 8:58 p.m. Gotta go now. See ya!

DAAAAAAAAAAAANCING – An Entertaining Experience

Hi. Hip Hop, was…. PURE HILARIOUS EXPERIENCE!!!!!! OMG, the dance went perfect, not much wrong, then the Hip Hop instructor forgot the group that I was in, and we did the dance we were supposed to do, at the end. For, the whole-school one, there was a Hip Hop dancing group, that were in a dance competition, that got 2nd place out of the world, came to our school, and did a dance with the teachers, and they did the famous-ish GANGNAM STYLE! Priceless. I laughed so hard, TEARS came! The song was some song from TRANSFORMERS.

I actually enjoyed it. The other grade five class that was not in the same dance as us, had a REALLY HILARIOUS AND NOT REALLY APPROPRIATE DANCE, and it was hilarious too.  So, I’ll be moving on. (smiles, flails arms around)


Today I went  to the PNE/Playland. I just got back and feel half-sick. Well, I went to 8 rides, same as my sister, but my cousin went on 9 rides.
In my rides, I went on a round thing that straps you in and spins around and goes like a pirate ship on the side. Then I went on a super fast musical rollarcoaster thing that is small-ish and the music REALLY LOUD. After that we went on… the AtmosFear(Atmosphere)? I think I did. Well, my sister and I went together, and my cousin went with some other stranger kid.
Then… we went in the Glass House. Then we went to the Mardi Gras(?)… It’s another Glass House thing. When you go in, it is like all plastic walls. You could like smash your face right into it. Well, I went straight into 3 dead ends. Then when you go to a dark area, there is a staircase. You go up, and there is random mirrors that make you look fat and short and then there is a purple slide. I got a burn on my left elbow from the slide. Eh.
Then we went to another part of the PNE. Where there was 2 other spin-y things. You like stand in one of them. I went on that one. Then got dizzy. Great choice Glor! Then, I went on another one that works the same as the one I just got to, but you had to lie down. I kept on swearing for some reason. After that, I got REALLY SICK. But amazingly, I did not vomit. Then when I did not feel good, my sister and my cousin went on a ride that was beside it. According to them it was the same as the others except that it was darker and you had nothing to hold onto. And for a small period there was no gravity and my sister saw someone’s bag flying in the air. And the UFO shaped thing spins SUPER fast. And my sister didn’t feel so good after.
Then we walked around for a seriously long time. And we got half lost and bought cotton candy of blue and pink mixed together. And watched one round of some horse show. We were bored and didn’t know how to get back. Yet. But we got back anyways.
So, after that we walked around. At the end, we had a AtmosFear water bottle thing that was purple. And my brother has a bear water bottle. And… I wanted to go on the Ferris wheel but there was too long of a line. Sucks buddy. Oh yeah! When we were half-lost, we saw a iogo(?) thing and got 4 samples. I don’t know why.
The reason we were very care-free for the ride going on thing, was because we had a ride day pass thingamajig. Then we stayed there and talked. Then we left, and here I am listening to Dream Live 2013 Tenimyu songs typing up a blog post about today. I forgot to add that I also went on the BUMPER CARS!! They were fun but you don’t go on it for too long. I got stuck a lot. But I don’t really care. Anyways, I’m gonna leave this post as it is.
The day before yesterday, my cousin, my mom, my sister, and I went to Downtown. We were REALLY BORED that day. So, we went. We went to a restaurant. The main part in the restaurant was THE MEAT. Then we walked some more then went home.
So, adieu~!

Word count: 592

Sports Day.

Okay, today was sports day and my sister and I are on team Rainbow Skittles. And guess what sucks? We(the team..) got last place(4th) and it was REALLY REALLY hot. The other teams were Orange Crush, Purple Unicorns, Neon Green Diva Queens. It was GREEAAAT. TT.TT


ANYWAYS, I gonna go. ;P

Fireworks!(and a tiring adventure.)

Yesterday, my mom, Grace, and I, went to the Celebration of Lights. We walked to the sky train station, then we rode through six stations and then we changed sky trains to a different train. Then, we went through two stations, walked about five kilometers and got to English Bay to see the fireworks. We arrived there at about eight something, we had brought some food along with a toy stuffy (I brought it!) and three water bottles all in one backpack. We also brought a picnic blanket to sit and watch the fireworks. Boy, was it crowded, or was it crowded! And then, when we were walking to the sky train station we saw a fight with teenagers (boys). Oh me, Oh my, my mom acted fast, and made me and Grace run to the other side. Then we finally got inside the sky train and I fell asleep. Then we changed trains. I fell asleep, again! Then we had to walk all the way home. By the time we reached my home it was twelve something. Then we ate ice cream(a good way to end a day! But in my case, start a day.)Then I took a shower and then went to bed and I fell asleep at one fifteen. And I woke up at ten forty-three. . .



edited by Grace