Aquarium with my family

On August 14th I went to the Aquarium with my sister Grace, Dad and Mom. I saw lots of animals! I saw seahorses, belugas, dolphins, frogs, different fishes, turtles, parrots, butterflies, sea otters, beetles, crocodiles, and jellyfish. That’s all I remembered. Then we went to see a 4D movie! (Which I got scared out of my brain.) Well, it was scary! We saw a dolphin show and a sea otter show. At the end me and my sister get to have ice cream! Yummy! I had a great time.

New Home And Classroom #1

One day a little girl named Annie. One day she was at home then she heard her mom and dad call her. So she went to her mom dad. Her mom and dad said that they were moving. When she heard the news she burst out crying and said”I do not want to move or change schools!”. She was sad when left her old home. When she saw the new house she was a little bit happy. When she went in she was amazed! She had her own room! She had her own bathroom! They had a basement which is the dad’s workshop. The house has three bathrooms! Then her mom said she had the most nicest teacher! So the next day… She woke up quickly so she wouldn’t get late. When she arrived at school she realized that her mom was right. She did have the nicest teacher!

What I Did Today

Today I watched a really weird movie. It is called the:  The Princess And The Frog. And while I was watching I even get to eat popcorn! This is the funniest ending I ever watched! I will tell you it. When the prince already kissed the girl that he married and then he said”I want to do that again”. He meant to kiss him again!