Go Canucks Go!

You know the Canucks? You know the game that was 7 to 3? Was that amazing! If you cheer for Canucks , good for you! If you don’t good for you!

If you get to go to the Canucks  game you are very lucky! I was sad that I hardly got any comments.But it doesn’t  matter,though.:)


some jokes I made for Canucks.

Trick Guy:Knock Knock!                              Knock Knock!

Tricked Guy:Who’s there?                               Who’s there?

Trick Guy:Sedin                                                Lou

Tricked Guy:Sedin who?                                   Lou who?

Trick Guy:Why  Aren’t you guys sedin together?   Is your name Roberto Lou Ongo?

The X-Ray Mystery(6)The End!

“Are you sure?” asked Jack ” Boy,am I sure!”said  Andy. They told their mom. When their mom knew, she took them to Dr.Sandolee who said that he was going to tell them that  he knew after they left him and he was going to go after them when they disappeared. Then Dr.Sandolee told them something special. ” I am your long lost dad/husband.” They all froze and they were stunned/shocked/amazed. Because they knew their mom’s name was Jeanette Sandolee so the two brothers was wondering why for a long long long long long long long long time and it was solved!


P.S. I could of called it:The Happy Ending instead.


The End!YAY! Have a good day!



A few things I know about babies:

1. (Everybody should know this)Babies cry A LOT!

2.Babies wear diapers.

3.Babies drink milk from their mom.

4.Babies sleep in cribs.

5.Babies go in the stroller to go to place to place outside.

6.Babies sleep throughout the day.

7.(This is so obvious) Babies are AMAZINGLY SO VERY CUTE!




My baby brother has a lot of hair.

Big Sister Gloria

Let’s take a break from stories. Let me tell you something I was so exited to tell you!!! I HAVE A LITTLE BABY BROTHER!!!!!!! About my baby brother: His name is Gabriel and he is just so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so SO very cute! He was born on April.28,2011 his due date was suppose to be May.12,2011,I guess he was too early. Here is a picture of him:

Is he cute? Please answer me on the comments.

(This is a church thing) I had my First Holy Communion yesterday! I have a cross necklace. Here is a picture of me and a few people.


Like it? Hope you do but if you don’t then I still don’t care! ( Am I too happy to resist?)