Great. Today I got 2 of my 4 cavities filled! No shots, since all the cavities were all on baby teeth. After cavity filling, we went to a mall. Went to see a anime shop. No TeniPuri! That sucks. Well, there was Kuroshitsuji. Not that the fellow classmates of mine need to know. It’s for my own mental note, next time I need to remember stuff, *waves hands*.

Gonna check PoT fanfics.
Ja ne!

Summer Hotness!

Hi. It’s hot here. Going to be in Grade 5! I feel like watching Dream Lives from Tenimyu. They are entertaining. To my fellow classmates that look on my blog: Yes, of course, I like entertaining stuff/things.

What I look forward to…Meeting my best friend again for the first time in 1 and a half year(s?).
Going outside to play (EVERYDAY?).
Re-watching Dream Live 3.
……… Nothing much.

GREEEEEEEEEEEEENNNN! Why is this colour so bright? I don’t know.

Anyways, SEEYA!


Hi. It’s summer vacation here for us elementary school kids. And soon to be grade 8’s. I’m going to be in Grade 5. Grace is not thrilled that she is going to be in Grade 8. I might be going to some tennis camp. Because I have nothing to do in the summer except stay here at home and get hot in the heat. Over here, I checked the weather in my area. It WAS 31 degrees Celsius! Wow, it is called hot in this area. China gets hotter than here. I wonder how people survive that heat. AIR CONDITIONER!

My backpack for school was broken, so I got a new one(OBVIOUS MUCH?). It got girlier than my last one, I think. It’s rainbow and it has roots written all over it in rainbow colours.

I’m a little bit sick. Herbal medicine tastes bitter, but my mom lets me have chocolate after. YES! 

I’m so happy! I don’t know why! Maybe because I just finished watching Tenimyu Undoukai 2012! Probably. See ya!