Hot days in B.C. are sometimes really hot. In B.C. hot is called from 8 degrees Celsius and up. So right now it is… 30 degrees. About 30 degrees.Today is one of those rare days in which I wear something REAL girly. I’m wearing a dress. People at school rarely see me in a dress. In which when I am wearing one, they don’t get to see it. There is a reason about why I don’t wear dresses to school I’m not going to tell anyone.

Hot days sounds weird. Like it has a different meaning for some reason. School starts in 2 months. Darn. That also means in 3 months I will be 11. That’s sort of old. But then again, in my grade 5 class, I’ll be the last grade 5 to celebrate it apart from that new girl whom is leaving this year. It’s creepy to think that the next time I go to school will be when I am in grade 6. In grade 6 at my school, we have to go to camp. We have to get immunizations. So do the grade 9’s. Which will include my sister. Grade 6… EEAH.
I’ll get over it soon enough and next year, I’ll probably be wailing about going to grade 7. It’s sort of creeping me out. I’ll go huddle in a corner for a bit now. Bye..!

I lied….

Okay, I said I was going to work on my story, but… I DIDN’T! So that’s the lie. Apart from that, I hate mosquito bites. I have two large ones on my legs and it itches A LOT! SOOO, I’m typing a blog post to distract myself from it. But it ain’t working so well. Whatever. So for the past 10 minutes, I have been listening to the album Fearless by Taylor Swift because, I found the DVD. SURPRISE!!!! So I’ll continue on with my music and… stuff. Yeah. See ya!