Away and back.

I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Today my cousin came back from a little vacation. I got home two days ago. Getting used to how I was before. Like living the time of school.
The problem is, whether or not school is actually going to start. That’s tomorrow’s business. Arg. oh how i wish i could worry less, but NO.
I should train my imagination sometimes. But, when I have an idea to do something constructive, I start thinking about what others will say about me, and then I don’t do the GREAT IDEA I HAD IN MY BRAIN A MINUTE AGO. Arg.! I’m stuck here, with my embarrassment and imagination. Let’s not.

Update: August 2014

I’m not gonna type for, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, 2 weeks? Yah. Gotta spend more time with my family instead of listening to music in a corner. Spending time with them as in going away from my computer. But I’ll be fine, I don’t need my computer as long as I can be occupied in something. So, um this post is just to let anyone who wants know, know. See ya!


Yeah. Hi. Why the French? Because I figured that I used all of the possible ways of saying ‘hello’ in English. Different ways, like, ‘hey’, ‘hey there’, ‘hello’, ‘hello there’, and so on. You get what I mean? I wonder why I always ask question in my posts that are about me if nobody looks at them and answer. Not many comments. Apart from spam comments that advertise. Y’know what would be nice? If someone I know, like at school— NO, wait. Nevermind. I don’t want anyone to look into my post. Unless they are my most trusted friends.

Okay, I don’t feel like typing about that anymore. I feel like typing about feelings. For example, your favourite feeling, emotion. Like, nostalgia, anger (???!!! who’s favourite is that? not moi…), sorrow, joy, et cetera. I like nostalgia. Only if they are happy, or enjoyable memories. For me, when I listen to my old MP3, the songs on it remind me of when my school goes on ski trips, and on the ski bus, I listen to it. So the songs remind me of a stuffy, warm, and noisy place. I went skiing this year actually. In January. Last year, and the year before. Ski trips are only for intermediates, but this year (last SCHOOL year), there was a class of 3-4s, so a few grade threes went with us. 2 classes per big bus. The newer buses are smaller, so only one class went on that bus.
Woaaah. I went a little too much in detail.

Anyways… I like thinking about things normal people just go along with. Woah. That sounds a little mean. A lot people out there think they are special. I don’t really think I am special. I think I am a weirdo. That’s all. Not different or special. Just one of those weirdos. Yah.
I’m not really sure about what’s going to happen to my story, so I’m going on a short (hopefully) hiatus. That’s all!!! See ya’ll later!