too wide

I drew a person with really wide shoulders, so I shaved them down. But it looks weird now. I’m just gonna not draw for the next twelve million years. Side profiles are hard to draw especially when you aren’t looking at any references. I’m not gonna draw anything, especially people.

School is to start in a week. That’s not good. I’m not prepared. Physically, with all supplies, I am. But I don’t really want to go back to school, even though it will leave me with something to do. I mean, either way I can’t stop myself from going there when the time comes.

Tomorrow I have table tennis practice and I don’t feel too well today. I don’t know if I will feel much better tomorrow, so I’ll figure it out tomorrow, when I get there. For now I will draw. Or write something. Until then!

what an art

This summer is feeling quite over. My cousin had been staying with us for the past 3 months due to something related to his university studies, so it was nice having him back for a while, as he was with us two years ago. He went back to his place yesterday, but while he was here, he made my post-grade-8 more fun by going outside (mainly Downtown…). He’s a more of a likes-to-go-out person than I am. Well. It was very fun for everyone who went out this year to see fireworks, especially for Gabey. He went out as well.

For a kid going into grade one, he is rather tall and large. I mean, I was pretty tall for my age when I was younger. I still am… but who knows what will happen over this summer, and how puberty will hit some people. Ha. Ha. Ha.

My sister will be in grade 12. That’s good, and sad. It’s the last year we’ll be in the same school, since who knows where either of us will go after high school. My brother seems so little when we talk about my sister. He’s only a first grader. And then there’s me. In the middle. Grade 9 seems like a relatively weird year, but not as weird as grade 8. Hopefully we can be less fake-nice to each other and more genuine-nice to each other. Also. I’m not scary. I may not talk that much in certain classes, I may have a dead expression, and I may seem a little intimidating due to everything I look like and my stature, but I’m good at listening. And not saying anything until you’re done. Hopefully I can make friends this year.

Until then. See ya!