work hard

And January is almost over. I have a project that needs to be done by the 30th. And it is a little bit more than halfway done. How unfortunate. I need to work more. On that. But I happen to have two tests coming up. Tomorrow after school, I have table tennis practice. I have many things in which I need to work hard on. Every course I take, every morning (getting up), every question I encounter, school events, having to socialize, and taking the bus as it rains for two weeks outside. Things look bright.

I went skating today for P.E. It was alright, and I skated better today compared to other times from the previous months. I should probably make some notes and study for my tests; I only have two more days, and then on the weekend, I can assemble my Science Fair board (hopefully), and finish the report. Actually, I need to test two more things before that, and then organize my findings, and then complete my report.

I have not had any chances to slow down these days. Full-blown school hit me hard in the pimples. How lovely. And it’s time for dinner. Until next time.

New Years Resolutions 2018

Happy New Year!! I hope 2017 left you with good memories and 2018 coming with many happy events.
As for the resolutions… these are made on the fly.

  1. I would like to improve my art. Like in any way possible.
  2. I would like to help out my parents more often.
  3. Less procrastination as I always say. But never happens.
  4. Dress warmer, so… less sick. And colds.
  5. Be more prepared (related to number 3)
  6. Watch movies. (Purely for my own entertainment.)
  7. Take care of skin. (fall less and lotion??)
  8. Practice and perhaps be more intense about table tennis!

And that is about it! Upcoming events include, my sister graduating, grade 10, my brother going into grade 2, and that’s all I am anticipating. Nothing less, and perhaps even more. I hope 2018 proves to be a better year than 2017, especially in world events.

Happy New Year!

it’s all done and over with

And it is the last day of 2017. I should do that weird review of the year and the resolutions I made at the beginning of the year. I’ll do that now. Yeah.

Resolutions for the year 2017 (italics are my thoughts now):

  1. Try to get my creativity out in different ways (drawing, writing, idk what else).
    I suppose that I have done this. In art class at school, I have to do this and I participated in a art contest for the Public Library. Today is the last day they are showing them at the library.
  2. Focus (whether it be around people, at school, or when playing sports).
    My focus? I think I still need to work on this.
  3. Less use of my phone.
    I don’t think this is going to happen. Maybe when I get more busy. I did stop playing my phone game…
  4. Sleep at more appropriate times.
    For some reason, this is very hard to do. But then again it is the holidays right now, so I don’t really sleep at normal times. During the school year, I sleep.. okay. Health.
  5. Try to keep the desk organized for as long as possible and clean every once in a while.
    I think I only clean when someone is going to vacuum or clean out some closet. But right now there are many pieces of paper from homework and projects.
  6. Organize time for everything; have a plan. 🙂
    What is a plan? I tried, okay?
  7. Spend more time with the child. GABEYY.
    I really don’t want to sometimes. Because he’s starting to mansplain. And he can read a lot of things and understand some things that he didn’t before. how unfortunate that my brother is learning. Hahahaha.

Today, December Thirty-First of Twenty-Seventeen, I am going spend my time at home doing homework. For sure. No distractions. Only this project and studying. Yep. Anyways, I hope 2017 had at least a few great memories you can look back at. Memories are usually what keeps people going. Let’s go 2018!

(I’ll, hopefully, be posting some resolutions tomorrow!)

nobody is

And once again, I’m not exactly happy. I have not been able to get many of my family members many Christmas gifts this year. I also have not accomplished much, school-wise, as I still have a few assignments that need to be worked on during this break. Instead, I have been wasting time. Which is entirely my own choice, but it still makes me feel bad. And tells me I need to do better and stop being distracted.

Anyways. I have to go to a midnight mass for Christmas. But it’s cold outside. I hope everyone else is having a good holiday. If not, I hope other people feel better when they are at home. I hope next time I write, I will have completed my Science Fair experiments, because I am definitely putting that off for too long. And I should go now. Good night!

<2 months

I have very bad time management skills. I have less than 2 months, more like 1 and a half months, to have my Science Fair completed. Which means I have to have completed my experiment, organize it, write a few things, present it on a board, and then present it verbally to my teacher and a few judges. Now if that is not terrifying. And it’s due very damn soon. I am terrible at this. My teacher told my class about the deadlines since September. And we actually got started in October. I actually got my ideas in October, but I haven’t started it until now. Which is not a good idea, as I need time to build something and then test it a couple of times. I haven’t even decided on what I was going to use in my experiments.

At school, the table tennis season has begun, and I am put on the A team! Wow! But there will be some matches to determine the ranking of the team as it is important to know how will be the spare for our team; the spare being the 4th out of the A team. I have a feeling that I will be the spare, mainly because I, for some strange reason, cannot play at school. Maybe it is the floor (I slip a lot because the floor has a lot of other particles), or perhaps I can’t focus under the uncomfortable lighting. That might also be a problem.

I want to write something, but the only things that I have had ideas for and of, are crime related, which makes me uneasy because I can mess up on the really tiny details. For example the law part, the way a crime is carried out, and why. Story structures are important, especially for someone like me who is failing English; my worst mark is English. Surprisingly, I have a great Socials mark: 100.0%!! Wow. I know. I’m not entirely sure of how my teacher marks things, but okaay.

Anyways. I should organize myself before I organize anything else. So, see y’all later! Or the next time I write.

Another Day

There is another 2 days of no school, despite having Friday off as well. I’m planning on going skating with my brother. I went on Thursday for P.E. and surprisingly I did not fall, even though I haven’t skated in about a year. Skating is fun. And I want to bring my brother too. He hasn’t learned how to skate yet.

I think I’m more excited about things I am not doing, and others are going to do things. Like my brother skating. Last time, he was a baby. Which is interesting.

Anyway. I’m just going to slack off. And then go to sleep. Because it is late. So. Yeah. See ya, next time!!

je ne sais pas quelle arrivée

I certainly forgot to write in the month of October. I was being unproductive while being productive. At school, I haven’t been doing my best, but I try to focus. I’m not good at focusing when the topic is not very engaging or that interesting. Or maybe the teacher is explaining it in a strange way and it ends up not going to my brain.

I messed up on a French presentation today. I had memorized the conversation, however when I actually got to the front, I messed up and said it again just to make sure it wasn’t that bad. It really ruined my day, since it is the last class of the day. In English we have another assignment to do, and it is relatively important for the course, and I have to do a lot of thinking for this assignment. I had a Computers terms quiz, and I may have messed up on the last question. But that’s over, and I can’t do anything about it, but now I know what I should’ve put down. In Art, we are doing value drawings; I drew this translucent bottle. There are people in my class that have taken lessons before, and the difference is evident. Anyway.

It was really cold today. At least it wasn’t like yesterday, where it rained almost horizontally, and the wind was freezing. Today, it was a little better, the same wind, but with no rain. I also brought out the big guns. I started to wear my new jacket. It’s really puffy and full of air that you can easily squeeze out. But it is still very warm. I also have Science homework, so I will get to that. Anyway, I hope I don’t forget to write at least once a month. I even missed my birthday. How unfortunate. My 14th birthday was quite fun. Although at that time, I had a few pieces of work that should’ve been done earlier. But, knowing me, I procrastinate until the last second, such as right now, with some brochures that need to be done by Monday for Science. I have started on the cover of one of two of the brochures. Which is not the greatest idea out there. I have a classmate that has completed at least one. Well. At least someone is going somewhere.

I should do some work, and it is almost dinner. Well then, until next time (next month??)! ((:

dry eyes

– [What You Like]이기광 –

School is in full swing. Actually not yet. I’ve only had one day of actual work done, so everything else is in the introductory stage. But I’m still confused as to what I’m going to do. I’m not entirely awake when I have class in the morning. I’m not ready to be organized. I don’t even know if I’m going to use my planner properly, but I will in the beginning of the year.

I should probably join something this year, so I don’t just go straight home after school. During table tennis season, I should still have something to do. But I don’t like talking to people I don’t know. My mom says that I should make friends, but although I don’t have many friends, I don’t really want to make friends with the people in my grade. Some of them are really self-centered, loud, insensitive, and social-media obsessed. I could be wring and only see this side at school, but really, I don’t mind, unless they start bothering me. Then again, I can’t go up to people and ask to be friends. Usually, the other person instigates the friendship first. I don’t think I’m a very friendly person.

I had 2 friends from grades 5 to 7, now they are one of those loud, social-circle-is-huge, and self-centered people. But not as intense. But still, we have grown apart. I now have one friend. I’m not saying it’s not enough, but we don’t have many classes in common. We have only 1 out of 8 classes together. Maybe I should try to be more friendly, but the thing is, in class, I don’t talk a lot, and maybe because of that, no one talks to me. I might look terrifying, with a straight face most of the time. Hmm. I don’t really notice if I look scary or not. Hahaha. Anyway. I’m gonna organize a few things over this weekend, so see ya!

not the only one

School starts tomorrow. There is only going to be homeroom for half an hour and then I’m free to go. I spent the past 3 months doing actually nothing. I did a few pages of work from a book, I slept a lot, ate a lot, exercised less than moderately for less then often times a week, and perhaps made my eyesight worse. I got new glasses, although my eyesight did not worsen as much as I had thought, so that’s a good thing. I gained weight, which is probably healthy for a pubescent kid.

Looking at what I did in grade eight, I will think of a few things that I can do differently this year, in grade nine.

  1. Finish homework on the day it is assigned not the day in between. (I may not stick to this one…)
  2. Ask questions when I really need to.
  3. Try to be a bit more friendly. Nicer, I guess.
  4. Think about things more before doing anything.
  5. Try new things. Maybe a club or something?
  6. Be a bit more independent? For the future?
  7. Be more organized, keep track of my belongings so that I won’t lose them.
  8. Stop my bad habits.
  9. Sleep earlier…
  10. Wake up earlier on the weekends…

That’s about it, as I should sleep for the next day. School’s in 12-ish hours. Ahhhh. For now, I shall get organized and… yeah. See ya!

too wide

I drew a person with really wide shoulders, so I shaved them down. But it looks weird now. I’m just gonna not draw for the next twelve million years. Side profiles are hard to draw especially when you aren’t looking at any references. I’m not gonna draw anything, especially people.

School is to start in a week. That’s not good. I’m not prepared. Physically, with all supplies, I am. But I don’t really want to go back to school, even though it will leave me with something to do. I mean, either way I can’t stop myself from going there when the time comes.

Tomorrow I have table tennis practice and I don’t feel too well today. I don’t know if I will feel much better tomorrow, so I’ll figure it out tomorrow, when I get there. For now I will draw. Or write something. Until then!