My 7th Birthday

Quick Note: I will continue  the story called Best Friends.

On my b-day, which is on Oct,20,2010, I did lots of things like I ate cake called White Forest Cake and it had a chocolate and purple writing on the chocolate and  on the chocolate it says: Happy 7th Birthday Gloria. My daddy gave me a DS i XL (XL stands for extra large). My Mom gave me a rainbow bag and my sister gave me a Barbie. My friend Emily gave me lots of things I can’t count them.

Best Friends#9

By the time the class was done they rushed to Miss Rasper’s desk before she could see them. When she came back there where paper all over her desk, and she thought it was paperwork but all of the cards were in a envelope so she opened them and an hour later she said,”Oh, what have you done?” she asked (happily). They all replied”Nothing“(they said,scared).Then she laughed in delight “Thank you class!” said Miss Rasper……

To be continued…

P.S.  tomorrow is my b-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Friends#8

So Jared threw a party for his birthday (of course). Across the road was Miss Rasper, who told them some news. She was going to be a mom. But she will not be teaching for a year. Then when the Miss Rasper wasn’t looking and she was in the coat room talking to another teacher called Mr. Heard when a friend of Jared’s said, “let’s make a card for Miss Rasper to remember  us!”, he said. They started to make one everyone made one.   .   .   .   .   .  .

To be continued.

Best Friends#7

Then after school they walked home sadly and on there way (it is Jared and Chelsea) they saw there teacher who was listening to them and she said, ” Don’t be sad,  it’s just some bad boys!” Well,that’s true!” said Chelsea. “Yeah.” said Jared. “See, it’s common sense!”, said Miss Rasper (The teacher is Miss Rasper). When they got to the doorway, they said bye! When Chelsea reached her doorway she noticed that her neighbor was her teacher! Meanwhile, at Jared’s place he noticed that Chelsea was also his neighbor. And so was Miss Rasper!

The next day…

It is Jared’s birthday. So he woke up very early. Chelsea also woke up early. But they didn’t know that a bad thing was going to happen.  .  .

To be continued.  .  .  .  .  .