Best Friends#7

Then after school they walked home sadly and on there way (it is Jared and Chelsea) they saw there teacher who was listening to them and she said, ” Don’t be sad,  it’s just some bad boys!” Well,that’s true!” said Chelsea. “Yeah.” said Jared. “See, it’s common sense!”, said Miss Rasper (The teacher is Miss Rasper). When they got to the doorway, they said bye! When Chelsea reached her doorway she noticed that her neighbor was her teacher! Meanwhile, at Jared’s place he noticed that Chelsea was also his neighbor. And so was Miss Rasper!

The next day…

It is Jared’s birthday. So he woke up very early. Chelsea also woke up early. But they didn’t know that a bad thing was going to happen.  .  .

To be continued.  .  .  .  .  .

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