The Whole Entire Time #2

Harmony smiled as she read the note. He was always doing good things for the world. She was a little disappointed that he left her, but she could always call him. 

Meanwhile …
“I’m off to work!” Charlotte called to her servants in her huge mansion. “Farewell, Miss Charlotte. And have a good day, darling,” her butler said kindly. Click! Charlotte locked the front door. She walked to her limo and the chauffeur opened the door for her. “Thank you, Red Dragon.” Charlotte purred calmly to the chauffeur by his nickname. Vrrrroooooommmm……

“You may start the test … … NOW!” The math teacher said to the students.  45 minutes later…
“Please hand in the tests.” After the students handed the tests back: “You are dismissed! Ahem, Charlotte, may you stay? I want to speak to you. Oh, and Harmony, may I speak to you as well? Thank you.” announced the math teacher. After all the students left, the math teacher turned to the two trembling students.
“Harmony and Charlotte,calm down. I’m not going to give you a lecture for any reason. You have not done anything wrong. The reason I called you two to stay is because I’m going to Africa for a little while so I need the two most trustworthy and responsible students in my class to take over for a little while. Harmony, as class president, I want you to be giving out the work, for you are not going to do any work. You are going to study from the answers. Charlotte, you are smart, but I think that you should mark the answers in the tests or work that Harmony hands out. You are to walk around the class to watch for any trouble, or to find any students that are not good at concentrating. That is all I need from you two. You are dismissed.” The math teacher said.
“Wow, thank you, Mr. McAger! I’m- I mean, we are so grateful!” Charlotte said for both of them.

They walked to the cafeteria, thinking about the big responsibility ahead of them. Harmony sat with her friends at the usual table. Some of her friends sitting at her table: Monica; her best friend since kindergarten, Johnson; Charvier’s best friend since grade 2, Amaranths; Monica’s friend that Monica introduced to Harmony, and Sam; a tomboy introduced by Monica. They talked about any random stuff they could think of.

Meanwhile in Fiji…
“Hi, I’m Charvier, and I’d like to help your island be a even better place to live in!” Charvier said energetically to some Fiji adults and children. The Fijians just stared at him as if he grew two more heads, then transformed into a balloon. Or they just stared at him boredly. The translator translated for the Fijian people.

“FREEDOM! Meh,” said Xavier as he launched himself onto his bed. It was the weekend. “But I still have homework! Hmmph! And I gotta study for the science quiz! Danggggg!” He thought. “Uh-oh! Better study! Dad’s coming this way!” He mumbled, starting for his desk. 

“Still, it’s not very positive of you. I am just too elegant to be here! Bye bye, darlings!” Charlotte huffed. Harmony’s friends rolled their eyes.
“That’s how
Miss Charlotte Crazy is. Right?” said Sam evilly. “Just you wait, Miss Yardo. ” said Harmony suspiciously before she left to Fiji to visit Charvier.

I’m afraid that this post is a little (Let’s say A LOT) shorter than the first story, otherwise, I hoped you enjoyed this section of this story. Oh, and, for the Better Friends story, it’s delayed because of a bad case of I’MOUTOFIDEAS (aka writer’s block). Thanks for reading, guys!
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The Whole Entire Time #1

Melodies filled her ears as she walked past the old merry-go-round. She started remembering the times she was on the joyful ride.
“Excuse me, Miss. ” She looked up. A young boy motioned for her to move over in an polite gesture. “Oh! Sorry…” She blushed feeling embarrassed. She looked at her watch. “Oh, I must be going!”
She grabbed her purse and started to go towards the apartment that she and her mother lived in. Her mother was a cheerful and gossipy old lady. Quite typical, right?
“Mother? I have returned!” She called. Her voice echoed through the short hall. She might be sleeping on the recliner, she thought, and her mother was. That was different. Her mother would be answering her by saying ‘yes’ or she would be awake cooking up something in the kitchen. Maybe she was tired.
Yes, through the past 3 weeks she seemed tired, but why today?
“Hmm? Oh! Welcome back, Harmony.” Her mother greeted her when she woke up.
“Oh, mother. How are you feeling? You seem tired these days.” Harmony asked. “Darling, I am fine. I just needed some rest.” Her mother replied and she smiled weakly.
“All right… ,” Harmony sounded unsure. She wanted to believe her but she couldn’t.
She just couldn’t.                                                 

  Harmony headed to her art studio wearing a pair of gray skinny jeans, a light green tank top and a zip-up jacket that she hadn’t zipped. It was super light blue, and she had rolled up her sleeves up to the elbow. She wore a pair of knee-high black leather high-heel boots. She had on beaded, purple-pink-and-blue earrings and a necklace.
She started to paint a flower on one of the many vines on her drawing. Harmony was going to give this painting to her father. She painted more flowers onto the vine, and soon the vines were covered in the flowers. She painted a monkey, swinging from vine to vine, and another monkey, too, swinging around. She thought it was enough for today. So she then headed to the mall.
She went to the mall frequently, to visit her father that worked at a herbal store.

“Father! I’ve come! It’s me! Harmony!” she called as she burst into the shop. “Oh, you’re so thoughtful! HOW ARE YOU? Oh! Sorry! Ouch! I’m in the back storage room!” He shouted back.
    “I’m fine,” she called back, stepping over the boxes of herbs and plastic bags full of herbs. “Hi, dad. I’m gonna go soon. To buy some stuff. I’m here to drop off Xavier, for you.” She said, while standing in the doorway. She held her 10-year-old brother by the hand.            “Thanks! Hey, can you get Xavier over here I need some help back here. I am in lane 4, stack 6. Okay?” Her father replied. Harmony slipped away, and headed towards the clothing department to buy clothing for her mother, Xavier, and herself. And of course, her father.

  She headed towards the WOMAN’S section to find clothes for her mother and herself. For her mother, she bought a baggy pair of dark blue jeans and a half long sleeve shirt with black and gray sequins. For herself, she bought a black silky/velvet dress with gray, flowing long sleeves. She also bought a zebra stripe skirt for herself. She went to the BOY’S section, and bought brown shorts and a dinosaur shirt that said, ‘IF WE’RE NOT MIGHTY, THEN WE’LL CRUSH YOU!!!!’ with 3 dinosaurs on it. For her father, she bought him a baseball hat with red and white stripes. She also bought him a simple black shirt.

Harmony sipped her latte slowly, as she looked around.
   “Excuse me, but, have we met before? I had a feeling you were Harmony.” said a deep voice, interrupting her thoughts. She looked up and saw her colleague, Charvier.
“Oh! Yeah, I’m Harmony . . .  I haven’t seen you around for awhile,” she greeted her old friend.
    “Ah. I see that you haven’t changed a bit! So, you want to have dinner with me sometime?” Chavier asked.
“Sure. When?” Harmony asked.
   “Tomorrow? At 5:00?” Chavier asked.
“Sure,” Harmony replied happily. Back when they were at middle school with the other girls, they would kill just to go out with Chavier, because he was the most intelligent and the handsomest boy in their school. They should be glad they ever knew him or saw him . . .
   “Mom! Tomorrow I’m going out to dinner with Charvier. You remember him? The guy I was friends with?” She reminded her mom after dinner.
   “That nice little lad? Of course I remember him! He always stood up to bullies for you, and he gave you money for lunch when you didn’t have enough. You told me all about him! Maybe you two should get together! Maybe even married and have children!” Her mom chuckled devilishly.

“Hi, uhm, sorry for being late, I had to do some studying for my  test coming up and my dad forced me to study. ‘No study, no dinner!’ says my dad! Heh…” Charvier laughed sheepishly and scratched his head.
“Don’t worry, studying is no waste! So, let’s order.” replied Harmony, waving over a waitress. Her name was Charlotte Yardo, otherwise known as the most obnoxious girl at the university. Charlotte stared at Harmony, then at Charvier. Then she ran out of the restaurant, crying her heart out.
   “Um, I’ll go wave over another waiter,” said Charvier awkwardly.
“Hello, what would you like today?” asked a waiter named Adam Shishtert.
Hmmm….. What do I want…., Harmony thought, tapping her chin.

After they ordered, they ate slowly, laughing and talking the whole entire time, but what they didn’t know was: Charlotte was watching. The whole entire time.

As far as Charlotte could tell, Harmony and Charvier were having a good time. Yes, she liked seeing Charvier happy, but it was Harmony, after all. Charlotte was not happy at Harmony for stealing Charvier from her.

“Dear Harmony,

I’m sorry I can’t talk to you live, but that’s because I’m probably half way around the world! I’m in Fiji. I’m sorry if it’s too sudden, just so you know. I hope you understand. 🙂

Love, Charvier

P.S. I’m volunteering to help children in Fiji! 🙂


To be continued …. …. …. ….

Thanks for reading!