The Whole Entire Time #2

Harmony smiled as she read the note. He was always doing good things for the world. She was a little disappointed that he left her, but she could always call him. 

Meanwhile …
“I’m off to work!” Charlotte called to her servants in her huge mansion. “Farewell, Miss Charlotte. And have a good day, darling,” her butler said kindly. Click! Charlotte locked the front door. She walked to her limo and the chauffeur opened the door for her. “Thank you, Red Dragon.” Charlotte purred calmly to the chauffeur by his nickname. Vrrrroooooommmm……

“You may start the test … … NOW!” The math teacher said to the students.  45 minutes later…
“Please hand in the tests.” After the students handed the tests back: “You are dismissed! Ahem, Charlotte, may you stay? I want to speak to you. Oh, and Harmony, may I speak to you as well? Thank you.” announced the math teacher. After all the students left, the math teacher turned to the two trembling students.
“Harmony and Charlotte,calm down. I’m not going to give you a lecture for any reason. You have not done anything wrong. The reason I called you two to stay is because I’m going to Africa for a little while so I need the two most trustworthy and responsible students in my class to take over for a little while. Harmony, as class president, I want you to be giving out the work, for you are not going to do any work. You are going to study from the answers. Charlotte, you are smart, but I think that you should mark the answers in the tests or work that Harmony hands out. You are to walk around the class to watch for any trouble, or to find any students that are not good at concentrating. That is all I need from you two. You are dismissed.” The math teacher said.
“Wow, thank you, Mr. McAger! I’m- I mean, we are so grateful!” Charlotte said for both of them.

They walked to the cafeteria, thinking about the big responsibility ahead of them. Harmony sat with her friends at the usual table. Some of her friends sitting at her table: Monica; her best friend since kindergarten, Johnson; Charvier’s best friend since grade 2, Amaranths; Monica’s friend that Monica introduced to Harmony, and Sam; a tomboy introduced by Monica. They talked about any random stuff they could think of.

Meanwhile in Fiji…
“Hi, I’m Charvier, and I’d like to help your island be a even better place to live in!” Charvier said energetically to some Fiji adults and children. The Fijians just stared at him as if he grew two more heads, then transformed into a balloon. Or they just stared at him boredly. The translator translated for the Fijian people.

“FREEDOM! Meh,” said Xavier as he launched himself onto his bed. It was the weekend. “But I still have homework! Hmmph! And I gotta study for the science quiz! Danggggg!” He thought. “Uh-oh! Better study! Dad’s coming this way!” He mumbled, starting for his desk. 

“Still, it’s not very positive of you. I am just too elegant to be here! Bye bye, darlings!” Charlotte huffed. Harmony’s friends rolled their eyes.
“That’s how
Miss Charlotte Crazy is. Right?” said Sam evilly. “Just you wait, Miss Yardo. ” said Harmony suspiciously before she left to Fiji to visit Charvier.

I’m afraid that this post is a little (Let’s say A LOT) shorter than the first story, otherwise, I hoped you enjoyed this section of this story. Oh, and, for the Better Friends story, it’s delayed because of a bad case of I’MOUTOFIDEAS (aka writer’s block). Thanks for reading, guys!
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