O my, ALREADY?!?!?

Hey. Long time no see. I seems to me that my typing skills are not as fast as I normally am. Probably because of my lack of space and my craving for fruit juice. So, last Tuesday was a Track Meet. Again. I only did the 100m and the 200m because the only other race was the 800m, and I almost died doing the 400m (okay… I got second…). In the 100m, I got 4th, because, according to my friends that did track last year and the year before, I was up against some of the fastest kids in my age and gender group. Got pretty good then. In the 200m, I got second. Which is to be expected. I maintain my position in running. FOREVER SECOND! If I ever needed a code name, it’d be SECOND. Like every second. Or 2nd.

So. We are approaching May 100000000km/s. We are going through 2015 like there is no tomorrow (pun not intended). Anyways, I feel like making a list of things I want to do, but I don’t or can’t in the same┬átime. TAKE IT AWAY GLORIA!!

1) Curl my hair…?
2) Get better audio stuff on my CP…?
3) Do the 800m…?
4) Write… something… good…??
5) To be offered some kind of chance to do something superior (??)…?
6) Not to be thought just as ‘that girl’s creepy and violent bodyguard friend’
7) Be more considerate…??

Yeaah. That’s all I’ve got right now. I’ll be going now. I kinda need to go places. I have life everyone! Bet ya didn’t know that. JKJK

No. 2!!

Heyyyy. Yesterday I had my first track meet ever!! I did surprisingly good. In the 100 metre race, I came in 2nd place!! OMG YESSS! jk. But yeah, I did. In the 400 metre race, I also came in 2nd place. In the 200 metre race, I came in… 3rd. It was the last race, and I had run out of water before the race. REAL SMART! But I ended up in the top 3 anyways.
I didn’t know I could be nervous and run more than 700 metres a day. Well, ya learn somethin’ EVERYDAY, don’t ya say? Anyways, I have things to do and anticipate, so I’ll get going! Adios!!!

i don’t give a damn (or do i?)

Anyways. That was quite a rant. 409 words per rant, hey? IT’S EASTER! Right?
So, I feel like I should do something productive, but later, I have to go for my PING PONG LESSONS!! Later. So how am I supposed to do something productive in such a short time period!!! Damn. so many things I want to do but I ain’t got the chance and time. Hopefully I don’t start another rant from here. Then I’ll stop here. Eheh. It was supposed to be a normal update blog post, but, it seems to take too much time. So, uh, I’ll get going… See ya!

who gives a damn.

Heeyyy. I just read my friend’s speech for the grade 7 speech contest subject. And now, I have no self esteem. WHY?? Because all of my friends are able to do things and are widely liked (not like I would want to be liked by such people), and they get the opportunity to do cool things they ACTUALLY want to do. In my case, I don’t have much of a good reputation. My friends (?) actually like me because I can stand up to people whom are being stupid and annoying. A lot people like me for the things I do that sometimes get me into trouble. Like, what’s so good about standing up to someone and then getting into trouble for what measures I take to make sure I get them back fully in the face?
I don’t get to show my true potential of doing things because no one seems to believe I can. So my friends are the daughter of someone you know. So you give her chance at something with HER CLOSEST FRIEND. Cool beans! So I’m just this Chinese girl that beats boys (and girls and children of ALL AGES) up FOR NO APPARENT REASON. Nope. Actually I do have some problem with stupid people. I will not tolerate. Unless they’re cute (jkjk). I do have reasons for what I do. When I’m mad at someone I WILL get them back. If you know me, I WILL. For sure.
Because I beat SOME people up for a very GOOD and passable reason, AND I’m a girl, I don’t get to do the COOL stuff my popular friends do. Now, why did I put the word POPULAR in there? Because they are, and I’m not quite jealous. ‘If they’re popular, LET’S GIVE THEM SOME REALLY NICE OPPORTUNITIES AT DOING REALLY COOL ARTSY THINGS AND MATH COMPETITIONS AND WRITING COMPETITIONS!’ –uhh, NO.

So all the things I do that make me Gloria, make me a person to avoid. To avoid talking to, to avoid giving chances to. Unless you are a person that gives EVERYONE chances (in that case, you’re a great person). I’m tired. Tired of what? Ranting about things. Things that are irrelevant to you. So why bother? But then again, I’m not really asking for attention. It’s just the things I do for people sometimes. I regret beating people up for other people who can’t.