dry eyes

– [What You Like]이기광 –

School is in full swing. Actually not yet. I’ve only had one day of actual work done, so everything else is in the introductory stage. But I’m still confused as to what I’m going to do. I’m not entirely awake when I have class in the morning. I’m not ready to be organized. I don’t even know if I’m going to use my planner properly, but I will in the beginning of the year.

I should probably join something this year, so I don’t just go straight home after school. During table tennis season, I should still have something to do. But I don’t like talking to people I don’t know. My mom says that I should make friends, but although I don’t have many friends, I don’t really want to make friends with the people in my grade. Some of them are really self-centered, loud, insensitive, and social-media obsessed. I could be wring and only see this side at school, but really, I don’t mind, unless they start bothering me. Then again, I can’t go up to people and ask to be friends. Usually, the other person instigates the friendship first. I don’t think I’m a very friendly person.

I had 2 friends from grades 5 to 7, now they are one of those loud, social-circle-is-huge, and self-centered people. But not as intense. But still, we have grown apart. I now have one friend. I’m not saying it’s not enough, but we don’t have many classes in common. We have only 1 out of 8 classes together. Maybe I should try to be more friendly, but the thing is, in class, I don’t talk a lot, and maybe because of that, no one talks to me. I might look terrifying, with a straight face most of the time. Hmm. I don’t really notice if I look scary or not. Hahaha. Anyway. I’m gonna organize a few things over this weekend, so see ya!

not the only one

School starts tomorrow. There is only going to be homeroom for half an hour and then I’m free to go. I spent the past 3 months doing actually nothing. I did a few pages of work from a book, I slept a lot, ate a lot, exercised less than moderately for less then often times a week, and perhaps made my eyesight worse. I got new glasses, although my eyesight did not worsen as much as I had thought, so that’s a good thing. I gained weight, which is probably healthy for a pubescent kid.

Looking at what I did in grade eight, I will think of a few things that I can do differently this year, in grade nine.

  1. Finish homework on the day it is assigned not the day in between. (I may not stick to this one…)
  2. Ask questions when I really need to.
  3. Try to be a bit more friendly. Nicer, I guess.
  4. Think about things more before doing anything.
  5. Try new things. Maybe a club or something?
  6. Be a bit more independent? For the future?
  7. Be more organized, keep track of my belongings so that I won’t lose them.
  8. Stop my bad habits.
  9. Sleep earlier…
  10. Wake up earlier on the weekends…

That’s about it, as I should sleep for the next day. School’s in 12-ish hours. Ahhhh. For now, I shall get organized and… yeah. See ya!