busy busy, but am i really

Hello again. All of a sudden it is October 2022 and I am in my second year of university. It still feels new, which is weird because I am doing pretty much the same things as last year. It shouldn’t feel this new to me yet it just does.

This semester I am taking 5 courses: 4 in-person and one distance learning course that is asynchronous and online. There is a lot of work but it is manageable for now. Studying time has definitely been impacted because of the number of courses I am taking. However, that is not the only reason. I am on the table tennis team again and I took on an executive position as the Marketing and Communications Officer (which I started doing this summer actually). I also got a very casual job on campus where I only work about 2 hours a week. The 2 hours are conveniently in between my classes, so I’m not wasting time commuting.

The main downsides of my arrangement this semester is that I come home pretty late at night and I am physically tired a lot of the time. Hopefully I can build my muscles back from table tennis soon. I had two practices this week for the first time and multiple muscles are sore. It is also midterm season! I had three midterms and two quizzes already in the past two weeks. I have a term paper due this week and a midterm next week. There is definitely a lot to keep track of.

Enough about school (although I will probably end up talking about it again later). October! My birthday month. To be honest, October has had a pretty good start to it for me. In early October, I went to a concert with my sister for an artist that we both listen to and enjoy. It was pretty fun but it was a more cozy type of concert with no seats. It’s currently mid-October and I have been pretty busy with school and table tennis. Something weird is that the weather has been consistently warm and dry, well into what we all expected was going to be the fall season. It hasn’t rained in ages and the sun is on full blast all the time.

I guess this is nice though. I am enjoying myself for now! Until next time

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