The Whole Entire Time #3

Harmony had just boarded the plane to Fiji, a girl who she knew quite well from her classes at the college. “Hi! Hey, I know you. We’re in the same class of Math. What are you doing going to Fiji?” The girl asks. “I’m, uh, visiting a friend that went to Fiji to volunteer to help make their place more better than it is. So, Isabella, what are YOU doing going to Fiji?” Answers Harmony and asks a question after. “Well, I’m going to take nature class in Fiji, in case I might be stranded on a deserted island. Just in case.” Isabella answers pushing her glasses higher. Then, Harmony takes out her laptop and begins to do her extra vacation research homework. When she starts her work, Isabella takes out her own laptop and does something extremely normal.  She does some practice work to train her brain on the plane.

“May all passenger buckle up their seats for the plane will be landing shortly. Thank you!” A lady announcer announces. The two girls, had spoken together to know each other more. Now that they had said their goodbyes and they leave the airport. Harmony waves over a taxi. She tells the driver to go to the most popular hotel. Which is called the Fijian Hotel (Pretty obvious, right?). When Harmony pays the driver, she sees Charvier in the corner of her eye. After paying she runs to Charvier and says, “Charvier! I missed you! Anything interesting happen so far?” “Oh, hi Harmony! I thought you would be waiting back in Canada!” Charvier said, obviously happy to see his girlfriend. “Yeah, I was, but my mom said ‘If you want to.’,” She informed him. “I’m hungry! Let’s go find something to eat!” Harmony says. “Sure! Let’s go then!” Charvier replies. They talk about what Charvier saw in the villages, and Charvier had bought something for Harmony from the market! It was a blue and black bracelet. When they went back to the hotel, Charvier turned the couch into a bed for himself, so that Harmony could sleep in the bedroom. The next day……


After I got over writer’s block, I typed up this! Go me! So, wait up for Part Four.

Merry Christmas!

Since today is Christmas, I decided to type up a post. It’s such a awesome day for opening presents your friends and family give that you like. OR you might like. Well, I got a huge BARBIE townhouse that is taller than my brother and one foot shorter than me. I got a KOBOMINI and it is a touch screen type. AND IT”S BLACK. I got ANOTHER magic kit thingamajig. I got a HELLO KITTY necklace from my mom’s friend, and I got….a gingerbread making kit that I already made, and ornament, and I think I might of forgot something. So, later today like in the evening, my family and I are going to our neighbor’s house to have Christmas dinner. It’s gonna be so good! Well, at least I expect it to be quite good. Everybody that are supposed to go are to bring 2 to 4 plates of food. I mean the family are. The reason I had not typed a post in a while is because of my dad fixing my computer make it run faster. And my dad borrowed my computer moniter to fix someone else computer. So I let him.

Well, Merry Christmas everybody!

Yesterday (FUN!!!!!!!!!!)

Yesterday I had to go to school. DUH! We, my class, didn’t do much other than do a spelling test(which I got all of them right.), mark Research, and go to Gym(which was Ping-Pong). On Tuesday I had a Ping-Pong tournament game with a guy in my class. I won! Then, after I won, I had another game on Thursday against the Gym teacher,I lost 21-9, which is not bad.Well, let’s carry on what happened yesterday. We had an early lunch. Because the 3rd graders and the Intermediate students were supposed to go see the Nutcracker Ballet at Michael J. Fox Theater. A guy fell asleep on me in there. OH WELL. When we got back we did planers and then jobs. Then we went home for the day. At 6:15 12 people in my class including me, arrived at 8-Rinks for the Sperling Skate. It was from 6:15 to 7:45. 3 girls(including me) and 2 boys, from my class were playing tag on the ice. I never got tagged, nor did I get lessons for skating (I got taught by a friend’s dad), I was good at skating. I was also good at going into crowded areas without falling and getting caught. When we were to go home, we said our farewells, and said to see each other on Monday.

Well, I’m afraid that was the end of yesterday. IT! WAS! SO! MUCH! FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!