Yesterday (FUN!!!!!!!!!!)

Yesterday I had to go to school. DUH! We, my class, didn’t do much other than do a spelling test(which I got all of them right.), mark Research, and go to Gym(which was Ping-Pong). On Tuesday I had a Ping-Pong tournament game with a guy in my class. I won! Then, after I won, I had another game on Thursday against the Gym teacher,I lost 21-9, which is not bad.Well, let’s carry on what happened yesterday. We had an early lunch. Because the 3rd graders and the Intermediate students were supposed to go see the Nutcracker Ballet at Michael J. Fox Theater. A guy fell asleep on me in there. OH WELL. When we got back we did planers and then jobs. Then we went home for the day. At 6:15 12 people in my class including me, arrived at 8-Rinks for the Sperling Skate. It was from 6:15 to 7:45. 3 girls(including me) and 2 boys, from my class were playing tag on the ice. I never got tagged, nor did I get lessons for skating (I got taught by a friend’s dad), I was good at skating. I was also good at going into crowded areas without falling and getting caught. When we were to go home, we said our farewells, and said to see each other on Monday.

Well, I’m afraid that was the end of yesterday. IT! WAS! SO! MUCH! FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yeah, so if a guy falls asleep on you, you’re all “OH WELL”. LOL. My Friday was somewhat like that – but no one fell asleep on me. And I didn’t play ping-pong.

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