Merry Christmas!

Since today is Christmas, I decided to type up a post. It’s such a awesome day for opening presents your friends and family give that you like. OR you might like. Well, I got a huge BARBIE townhouse that is taller than my brother and one foot shorter than me. I got a KOBOMINI and it is a touch screen type. AND IT”S BLACK. I got ANOTHER magic kit thingamajig. I got a HELLO KITTY necklace from my mom’s friend, and I got….a gingerbread making kit that I already made, and ornament, and I think I might of forgot something. So, later today like in the evening, my family and I are going to our neighbor’s house to have Christmas dinner. It’s gonna be so good! Well, at least I expect it to be quite good. Everybody that are supposed to go are to bring 2 to 4 plates of food. I mean the family are. The reason I had not typed a post in a while is because of my dad fixing my computer make it run faster. And my dad borrowed my computer moniter to fix someone else computer. So I let him.

Well, Merry Christmas everybody!

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