Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEE(!), and only me.

Hi. It’s my birthday!!! Guess what I got? I got a bluish greenish sweater with sparkly black stars on it, a long sleeve pair of pajamas (I didn’t have any ones that were a pair, and fit me.), a drawing pad, and… uh… some cards.

I had school too. I brought a box of Skittles and Starburst to school. ALSO, I had immunizations. They still hurt. It was like,1, 2, 3, and right on three, they stabbed me in the arms.  I was not ready. I had 2 shots IN THE SAME TIME!!! That was the morning. Then the day proceeded normally.

So, uh, we’re going to have birthday noodles (chinese tradition), and then later on through the night there will be chocolate cake. Well, then, it is almost dinner… so I have to go. Until next time!

Say What?

I’m gonna say it!! I hate liars. BUT! I! LIE! SOMETIMES! FOR! THE! SAKE! OF! MYSELF! At school I find myself surrounded by terrible liars, which comes to what I have said before. I hate liars. But, I can lie okay-ish, but sometimes I get caught, SO, that is why I would not like to meet someone identical to me. I’d be so annoyed, I would catch a plane to somewhere far far away from that person.
That is the same reason I don’t like people fake smiling at me, and fake complimenting me, and others. Like, when a chubby kid is wearing a dress and it is like STRAPPED ON, not on like a skinny person, and a parent or an adult compliments them on looking very “pretty.” It doesn’t have to be a chubby person though. It could be anyone. When that person’s brain thinks ‘oh…. ew. A beautiful dress on HER???!! No no…’ and then say, “That looks SO GOOD on you!” and then smile like a flower at them, it just wants me to go and say something kind of rude to them. I always end up not saying anything and… feel all bad that I didn’t do anything for them, like I would’ve. But if it’s my friends getting lied to, I wouldn’t hesitate to help them. Why? Because I don’t know if that person would appreciate my help.

AGH! Why are there so many liars in the world? Someone must know… But that might just be a lie.

Oh, would you look at the time!

Yeah. Look at it. It’s almost my BIRTHDAY!!! I’mma be old!!!!!! Well, I’m pretty sure I’m the third youngest in my class. No, really. On that same day, I’m getting immunizations. Great. Really great. Then 7 days later, the 27th, it will be individual student picture day. Better look beautiful. YEEAAAHH!! Let’s see… We have intake interviews (aka Teacher-Parent interviews) this week. Uh.. There’s school 5 days a week? I have Music on Mondays and Wednesdays? Oh. Look at the time again. 8:58 p.m. Gotta go now. See ya!