Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEE(!), and only me.

Hi. It’s my birthday!!! Guess what I got? I got a bluish greenish sweater with sparkly black stars on it, a long sleeve pair of pajamas (I didn’t have any ones that were a pair, and fit me.), a drawing pad, and… uh… some cards.

I had school too. I brought a box of Skittles and Starburst to school. ALSO, I had immunizations. They still hurt. It was like,1, 2, 3, and right on three, they stabbed me in the arms.  I was not ready. I had 2 shots IN THE SAME TIME!!! That was the morning. Then the day proceeded normally.

So, uh, we’re going to have birthday noodles (chinese tradition), and then later on through the night there will be chocolate cake. Well, then, it is almost dinner… so I have to go. Until next time!

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