Say What?

I’m gonna say it!! I hate liars. BUT! I! LIE! SOMETIMES! FOR! THE! SAKE! OF! MYSELF! At school I find myself surrounded by terrible liars, which comes to what I have said before. I hate liars. But, I can lie okay-ish, but sometimes I get caught, SO, that is why I would not like to meet someone identical to me. I’d be so annoyed, I would catch a plane to somewhere far far away from that person.
That is the same reason I don’t like people fake smiling at me, and fake complimenting me, and others. Like, when a chubby kid is wearing a dress and it is like STRAPPED ON, not on like a skinny person, and a parent or an adult compliments them on looking very “pretty.” It doesn’t have to be a chubby person though. It could be anyone. When that person’s brain thinks ‘oh…. ew. A beautiful dress on HER???!! No no…’ and then say, “That looks SO GOOD on you!” and then smile like a flower at them, it just wants me to go and say something kind of rude to them. I always end up not saying anything and… feel all bad that I didn’t do anything for them, like I would’ve. But if it’s my friends getting lied to, I wouldn’t hesitate to help them. Why? Because I don’t know if that person would appreciate my help.

AGH! Why are there so many liars in the world? Someone must know… But that might just be a lie.

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