hot chocolate

I’m drinking hot chocolate! Or, I was. So. Hi! I haven’t typed in a while. Probably because I was… preoccupied. Something like that. But I wasn’t accomplishing much… Definitely not homework… I’ve been procrastinating for a while. Even if it is due in a week or two… I don’t really want to do it… You know… When you have extra-curricular activities and other things that you’re interested ant the moment and you don’t focus on one thing… and you end up finishing nothing. Yay.  Well, I have ping pong later so, I will finish up here. Until next time when I finish an actual assignment!

i need..?

Hey! I’m really stuck. On a assignment. For Writing, my teacher wants us to write a complete novel thing… And I have no idea about the problem the main character will come across. I have the background info, the setting, the characters, the ending, but not the overall story that makes it a story. Argh… I have no imagination.
See? If I don’t exercise my imagination enough, I will eventually have none left. Wonderful. What do I do?? OOOOH. I just got something… But it needs some more thought to put into the idea.
Well… The music that I am listening to helps… A  bit.

So, at school, grade sevens expected to do band. And I am doing the clarinet. My sister did it too, so maybe if she remembers, she can teach me… but noo. Whatever… I can learn a bit and try to get a passing mark. Yay.

I should continue to write and be ahead of others… Yeah… Well then, until next time!


Heeeey. I’m back. But only for a little bit. Because it’s late. SSSSOOOO. My teacher is the same as last year’s… But since he is the headteacher right now, he has a teaching partner. Good thing, he is there 3 days a week, and she is there 2 days a week. It’s good because I am better with people I know already… If I never seen them before, I most likely would refuse to communicate with them.

I have a Student Council Letter to hand in… tomorrow. Yay, work. And I will have more from this point on. Argh!! Okay, I need to go now… Until next time!!!

[EDIT]: This is the 300th published post!!! Yaaaaaay!!! … That’s it… Yeaah.

apple juice

Hey there!! I’m actually not that energetic and I am trying to open my apple juice box. AFTER I finish this baby carrot. Yeah. AAH, THERE WE GO. Apple juice. SO. First full day of school and I am relatively lucky. Just on safety patrol and creepy people creepily pushing their friend in front of me for no actual reason and brushing it off as if nothing happen. Did you do anything fun?

At school, we had to do 4 stations. A day. For the rest of the week. I got to my last year teacher, a french 4/5 teacher, then a french 5/6 teacher, and my grade 5 teacher. That was today’s station teachers. The rotation is by class (for that week), which is different. I wonder if we still have to do the Hip Hop thing that our school arranges every year in which, two classes of the same grades dance together for a performance to show… I dunno, teamwork?? STATIONS! Right. Some of them are weird and also very strangely expectant. Because I am now a grade seven, it’s only been two days of that!

Anyways, I have a life and I have ping pong today, sooooo. I will go and finish up! Until next time, my friends!! ;P

first hour of grade seven

Hey… Today was the first hour of school. AAH! There are three new students in my class for the rest of the week. Because you never know your permanent teacher until the next Monday. Two of the new students are international students and they are girls. One is from China and is probably in grade seven (I actually don’t know anything except from where they came from), and the other girl is from Thailand and is probably in grade six. The other new student is a grade seven dude… I don’t know where he came out from.
Well, I also don’t have to see this classmate that annoys me a lot… Because he is currently in the other grade seven class. New grade sixes are also in our class. Waah.

So, my school has this thing in the beginning of the year in which the primary students have stations with primary teachers, and intermediate students do stations with intermediate teachers. The stations are thought up by the teachers to let the students know what the teacher is like, personality-wise. And some are really boring and require the use of brain. And some are artsy. And I have no ideas because over the summer, all I do is NOT USE MY BRAIN, and just mindlessly listen to music and read random stuff that you actually learn nothing from. Yeah. I had a somewhat more productive and accomplishing summer this year… With the ping pong stuff that went on. And I am still doing ping pong stuff. Need to improve and stuff. And have fun?

I just realized today that I actually don’t have much in common with them, and I also don’t know why I am even friends with them. If they see this, they probably don’t really know what I am talking about and be a bit offended… I guess. I just think that the things I think about and the way I feel about things are realllly different. It’s just, I don’t understand them and they don’t understand me. Weird. How do we stay friends? We make fun of the same people and are friends with the same people… ish? I just typed a lot of ‘and’ s. That’s weird.

Anyways, it wasn’t really supposed to be this long, I just kind of got carried away… I need to organize a couple things now. Until next time, my friends…

sick and school??

Hey. I’m sick. And tomorrow’s the first day of school. How does this work? I don’t know. How did I get sick in the first place? The blame is on Gabey, my brother. He got sick first then passed it on to me. I am stuffed up, and can barely breathe. You probably didn’t want to know that. Well. My throat hurts. It hurts to sneeze. Ahahahahhha.

So, I just had lunch. And, I can no longer breathe. Improvement?
It’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon and my brother wants to watch me play a computer game. And I just realized I forgot my tissue box. I’m getting better at the second! Argh.

He’s complaining. Well then, until I get better!!


Heeey. First post of September and I’m slightly late. I actually started it yesterday but I didn’t want to type anything for nothing really happened.

Well… I got distracted. I had to have lunch and then I had to watch my brother for when he went for his afternoon nap. Eeh.
AAH!! School starts in a couple days!! To be exact 5 days… Agh. Why do I seem so frazzled over that? I actually don’t know. Maybe because I can’t talk properly?? Nah. That has nothing to do with not wanting to go to school. I don’t even know.

I should entertain my brother. Play some computer games maybe? Huh. Well then, until next time!!