apple juice

Hey there!! I’m actually not that energetic and I am trying to open my apple juice box. AFTER I finish this baby carrot. Yeah. AAH, THERE WE GO. Apple juice. SO. First full day of school and I am relatively lucky. Just on safety patrol and creepy people creepily pushing their friend in front of me for no actual reason and brushing it off as if nothing happen. Did you do anything fun?

At school, we had to do 4 stations. A day. For the rest of the week. I got to my last year teacher, a french 4/5 teacher, then a french 5/6 teacher, and my grade 5 teacher. That was today’s station teachers. The rotation is by class (for that week), which is different. I wonder if we still have to do the Hip Hop thing that our school arranges every year in which, two classes of the same grades dance together for a performance to show… I dunno, teamwork?? STATIONS! Right. Some of them are weird and also very strangely expectant. Because I am now a grade seven, it’s only been two days of that!

Anyways, I have a life and I have ping pong today, sooooo. I will go and finish up! Until next time, my friends!! ;P

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