i need..?

Hey! I’m really stuck. On a assignment. For Writing, my teacher wants us to write a complete novel thing… And I have no idea about the problem the main character will come across. I have the background info, the setting, the characters, the ending, but not the overall story that makes it a story. Argh… I have no imagination.
See? If I don’t exercise my imagination enough, I will eventually have none left. Wonderful. What do I do?? OOOOH. I just got something… But it needs some more thought to put into the idea.
Well… The music that I am listening to helps… A  bit.

So, at school, grade sevens expected to do band. And I am doing the clarinet. My sister did it too, so maybe if she remembers, she can teach me… but noo. Whatever… I can learn a bit and try to get a passing mark. Yay.

I should continue to write and be ahead of others… Yeah… Well then, until next time!

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  1. hi, gloria!

    i initially wasn’t going to comment—i found my way here after trying to navigate grace’s wp blog—but i realized that this may be a field i could assist you in.

    i remember grade seven, aha, writing stories with plot and all that. to know ms. cera, she doesn’t expect a convoluted one; the easy solution is, simply put, take the qualities/flaws of the characters and correlate it with the setting to get to your (predetermined?) ending. it’s great that you already have an ending! you just need to use your setting and the perks of your characters to shape it there.

    a good setting usually has some characteristic ‘oomph’ that is manipulated to make the story more memorable (eg. the matrix, and how humans being in the custody of the machines was the /setting/). from thereon, you can begin to build your plot.

    remember to always ask why; having a motive for your characters usually gives a plot on its own. by the end of the story, your characters should not be the same person they were in the beginning of the story.

    i hope this helped, aha. not sure if it made much sense, though. good luck in writing your story! and remember to use a lot of writing devices (to make ms. cera happy orz)!

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