writing quite a bit

I am currently writing a bit of my novel for school. Only a bit. I can only write my book either with music or when I am not distracted. Is that what other authors do? When I listen to music, I concentrate on a certain part of the song. Maybe the background music that is layered in. I dunno. I don’t even know where I am going with the story, or am I going to change it… Drastically? Or only a little bit?

Ping Pong is starting at school! Yay! I can’t wait to… see how people think they can play. Just kidding. I’m not that mean. I think…

Well, I should be going somewhere with my work, so… until I am done! Adieu~!

haha nice

Hey. It’s kind of cold. Really cold. I have a new big and thick coat and a new pair of boots… Yay! New stuff. Soo… Currently… I have homework. No surprise there. Another thing I should do but I don’t want to is, clean my desk, as it kind of looks like someone smashed into it and forgot to clean up the mess. Well, I kind of DID smash into it. I smashed my TEXTBOOK into my desk. Onto. Yeah.

Yesterday was the Girls’ Volleyball Recreational Playdate! It’s a school team so, of course, it was for fun. The nets were very flimsy. But, whatever, it works!
Ping pong is starting soon for P.E. Yay! My best sport. For the first time. In forever~! Okay… I’m gonna go and finish my homework as fast as possible. Let’s get at it.

below zero??

Heyy. I heard that temperatures may reach -15 degrees Celsius!! That’s like… REALLY COLD. Negative 3 is already really cold for me. Agh!
I should do something with the amount of homework I have (which is not a lot…). I have ping pong class later. That means going outside. NOOoo. It’s too cold.

This is actually really short. I should write more. But I have nothing to say. Aaha. Let’s see. What did I do this month? Wrote stuff, lost a lot of paper that I needed, and forgot how to manage time to do homework properly? I REALLY don’t know. Okay. I’m going to figure it out, so until next time! Adieu~!

Eraser bits.

Why does my brother say he has nothing to do and then he plays with something for the longest time ever? Also, why does he so much energy??

I am currently working on my novel’s intro. And I should think up a title for the novel. “In Which the Girl Has No Idea What to Name This Novel, So Think One Up for Her” a novel. Beautiful. I can just picture it on everything.
When I write stories I wonder if I should give chapters titles or should I just leave it as like “Chapter I” and “Chapter II”… I dunno. Ahhhhg. Thinking. I don’t want to think…
I should get going at it. Well then, Until I get something done! Adieu~!

it’s taking forever

Hii! I’m back. Yesterday was Halloween… Yeah. I walked a lot. I just realized that, that was the most boring intro ever. Okay…. GUESS WHAT?? I’m sick! Yeah!! And I have a lot of homework… Mostly because I procrastinated. And I forgot what due dates were. Ehehe. Now, I have… 3 assignments to finish by… today… I think. My throat is very uncomfortable right now. How am I supposed to breathe? Especially when
I go to ping pong today…

HALLOWEEN! Right. That was yesterday. I went trick-or-treating twice. First time was with my siblings, at the mall. The second time was with my friends at night. I watched fireworks twice and had hot chocolate and popcorn. It was free! And it was cold.

Okay. I need to really finish all this. Well then, until next time!!
*cough* *cough* *HACK*