haha nice

Hey. It’s kind of cold. Really cold. I have a new big and thick coat and a new pair of boots… Yay! New stuff. Soo… Currently… I have homework. No surprise there. Another thing I should do but I don’t want to is, clean my desk, as it kind of looks like someone smashed into it and forgot to clean up the mess. Well, I kind of DID smash into it. I smashed my TEXTBOOK into my desk. Onto. Yeah.

Yesterday was the Girls’ Volleyball Recreational Playdate! It’s a school team so, of course, it was for fun. The nets were very flimsy. But, whatever, it works!
Ping pong is starting soon for P.E. Yay! My best sport. For the first time. In forever~! Okay… I’m gonna go and finish my homework as fast as possible. Let’s get at it.

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