it’s taking forever

Hii! I’m back. Yesterday was Halloween… Yeah. I walked a lot. I just realized that, that was the most boring intro ever. Okay…. GUESS WHAT?? I’m sick! Yeah!! And I have a lot of homework… Mostly because I procrastinated. And I forgot what due dates were. Ehehe. Now, I have… 3 assignments to finish by… today… I think. My throat is very uncomfortable right now. How am I supposed to breathe? Especially when
I go to ping pong today…

HALLOWEEN! Right. That was yesterday. I went trick-or-treating twice. First time was with my siblings, at the mall. The second time was with my friends at night. I watched fireworks twice and had hot chocolate and popcorn. It was free! And it was cold.

Okay. I need to really finish all this. Well then, until next time!!
*cough* *cough* *HACK*

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