it’s my birthday

YESSS, it’s my birthday! I’m 13! Surprisingly, I actually got quite a number of gifts from my friends and family. A list would look like this:

  1. A whole bunch of CHOCOLATE (like 4 bars)(lol)
  2. A fancy water-resistant, sports watch (sparkly!!)
  3. Some money (idk, man)
  4. A ladybug themed cup/goblet/bowl-ish container (woah)
  5. A Starbucks card
  6. A hilarious notebook (no, really.)
  7. A lot of cards
  8. Two drawings of cakes by my cute baaaby brother in kindergarten!!!
  9. Three bags/packages of junk food/deep-fried stuff. (;P)
  10. A CHOCOLATE cupcake with caramel icing on the top with SPRINKLES (yum!)
  11. A bouquet of flowers made of tissue paper, a ribbon, and some sticks. (wow)

That’s actually quite a list. Another thing my friends did was decorate my locker. It was covered with gift wrapping paper with HAPPY BIRTHDAY all over it. And green streamers. And sticky notes with some messages on them. At the end of the school day, I took it down CAREFULLY and brought it home. Dinner was great. THANKS MOM and DAAD. Well then, see y’all!


Why is it OCTOBER all ready? Why is it that I am already a week into October? I’m so confused man. Like, about everything. I’ve adjusted to school, I guess. I think I’m still uneasy about a few things. Like what I should do with the extra time in the morning, since I arrive at school pretty early. Or when I should arrive to the class after lunch. That’s not really a worry, but I just don’t like to loiter around it or be late.

Gabey is going to school too!! I saw his first day of school picture my mom took, and he is so cuuute. I also visited him once on a Pro-D, and he’s so cuuute. He tried to introduce me to some of his classmates, but a lot of the grade ones knew me. He’s really good at concentrating, but he rushes a few things. He’s so cute!

I got a student identification card thing. It’s really flimsy. Woah. I just noticed the time. I should probably get going. Well then, maybe until Thanksgiving? See ya!