Why is it OCTOBER all ready? Why is it that I am already a week into October? I’m so confused man. Like, about everything. I’ve adjusted to school, I guess. I think I’m still uneasy about a few things. Like what I should do with the extra time in the morning, since I arrive at school pretty early. Or when I should arrive to the class after lunch. That’s not really a worry, but I just don’t like to loiter around it or be late.

Gabey is going to school too!! I saw his first day of school picture my mom took, and he is so cuuute. I also visited him once on a Pro-D, and he’s so cuuute. He tried to introduce me to some of his classmates, but a lot of the grade ones knew me. He’s really good at concentrating, but he rushes a few things. He’s so cute!

I got a student identification card thing. It’s really flimsy. Woah. I just noticed the time. I should probably get going. Well then, maybe until Thanksgiving? See ya!

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