work hard

And January is almost over. I have a project that needs to be done by the 30th. And it is a little bit more than halfway done. How unfortunate. I need to work more. On that. But I happen to have two tests coming up. Tomorrow after school, I have table tennis practice. I have many things in which I need to work hard on. Every course I take, every morning (getting up), every question I encounter, school events, having to socialize, and taking the bus as it rains for two weeks outside. Things look bright.

I went skating today for P.E. It was alright, and I skated better today compared to other times from the previous months. I should probably make some notes and study for my tests; I only have two more days, and then on the weekend, I can assemble my Science Fair board (hopefully), and finish the report. Actually, I need to test two more things before that, and then organize my findings, and then complete my report.

I have not had any chances to slow down these days. Full-blown school hit me hard in the pimples. How lovely. And it’s time for dinner. Until next time.

New Years Resolutions 2018

Happy New Year!! I hope 2017 left you with good memories and 2018 coming with many happy events.
As for the resolutions… these are made on the fly.

  1. I would like to improve my art. Like in any way possible.
  2. I would like to help out my parents more often.
  3. Less procrastination as I always say. But never happens.
  4. Dress warmer, so… less sick. And colds.
  5. Be more prepared (related to number 3)
  6. Watch movies. (Purely for my own entertainment.)
  7. Take care of skin. (fall less and lotion??)
  8. Practice and perhaps be more intense about table tennis!

And that is about it! Upcoming events include, my sister graduating, grade 10, my brother going into grade 2, and that’s all I am anticipating. Nothing less, and perhaps even more. I hope 2018 proves to be a better year than 2017, especially in world events.

Happy New Year!