work hard

And January is almost over. I have a project that needs to be done by the 30th. And it is a little bit more than halfway done. How unfortunate. I need to work more. On that. But I happen to have two tests coming up. Tomorrow after school, I have table tennis practice. I have many things in which I need to work hard on. Every course I take, every morning (getting up), every question I encounter, school events, having to socialize, and taking the bus as it rains for two weeks outside. Things look bright.

I went skating today for P.E. It was alright, and I skated better today compared to other times from the previous months. I should probably make some notes and study for my tests; I only have two more days, and then on the weekend, I can assemble my Science Fair board (hopefully), and finish the report. Actually, I need to test two more things before that, and then organize my findings, and then complete my report.

I have not had any chances to slow down these days. Full-blown school hit me hard in the pimples. How lovely. And it’s time for dinner. Until next time.

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