2019 New Year’s Resolutions!!

It’s me again! I feel like I should go through last year’s resolutions just for fun. But I’m too lazy to do that. Haha. So I will go straight to the 2019 resolutions!

  1. Arrange work in a more organized way (actually follow a schedule!)
  2. Be more outgoing! Maybe do some work experience this year…
  3. Try to… have more self-awareness?? Also be more aware of others and where I am among them.
  4. Draw, read, and write more often to keep the creative process ongoing.
  5. Put more effort towards friends. (For example: go out with them, help them, be more caring, talk to them more, etc.)
  6. Be more mature (how vague…) and think more before acting. Think about the consequences, how my action can affect others, and how I feel.
  7. Improve handwriting. Printing. I don’t know, just more… good-looking.
  8. Exercise more. Go for runs, practise more table tennis (maybe arrange for more practices??), and do stretches and other exercises more regularly.
  9. Plan ahead. Like… uh… Watch out for deadlines and get things done ahead of time so that I have time to look things over and get things done to the best of my ability.

I feel like number eight might be a joke. But hey. Health.

I should probably write these down so I actually do these and not forget about these after a few days. Hmm. Well, it is late, so goodnight!

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