<2 months

I have very bad time management skills. I have less than 2 months, more like 1 and a half months, to have my Science Fair completed. Which means I have to have completed my experiment, organize it, write a few things, present it on a board, and then present it verbally to my teacher and a few judges. Now if that is not terrifying. And it’s due very damn soon. I am terrible at this. My teacher told my class about the deadlines since September. And we actually got started in October. I actually got my ideas in October, but I haven’t started it until now. Which is not a good idea, as I need time to build something and then test it a couple of times. I haven’t even decided on what I was going to use in my experiments.

At school, the table tennis season has begun, and I am put on the A team! Wow! But there will be some matches to determine the ranking of the team as it is important to know how will be the spare for our team; the spare being the 4th out of the A team. I have a feeling that I will be the spare, mainly because I, for some strange reason, cannot play at school. Maybe it is the floor (I slip a lot because the floor has a lot of other particles), or perhaps I can’t focus under the uncomfortable lighting. That might also be a problem.

I want to write something, but the only things that I have had ideas for and of, are crime related, which makes me uneasy because I can mess up on the really tiny details. For example the law part, the way a crime is carried out, and why. Story structures are important, especially for someone like me who is failing English; my worst mark is English. Surprisingly, I have a great Socials mark: 100.0%!! Wow. I know. I’m not entirely sure of how my teacher marks things, but okaay.

Anyways. I should organize myself before I organize anything else. So, see y’all later! Or the next time I write.

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