Abel Math Test and… STUFF

Today, I did the Abel Math Test. At the same time, in the same place, Grace did the Gauss math test. It was… HARD-ISH. Eh. Still got the numbers in my head. ARGH. I have my choir song stuck in my head. Ugh. I HATE MY GROUP! Like my classroom has groups of desks, and my group is an all-girl group. I don’t personally like all-girl groups, because guys are… entertaining. And the other girls in my group are super annoying and yeah. Especially the one that sits diagonally from me. SO. ANNOYING!!!!!!

Crap. I have SIX pages of freaking MUSIC! And when I just came back from the Library(Where the Abel/Gauss Math Test takes place at that time…), I saw a large pile sitting on top of my desk. The first thing I thought right then and there, was,”OH, GREAT. SIX WHOLE PAGES OF EASY MUSIC, NICE CONGRATULATIONS PRESENT.”

So, I have an art project that only some of my classmates have also started, called pointillism. I tried to create a sailing. . . cruise on the water with a woman in purple on the deck. The ship is called,”THE STARR” Dramatic, right?

Anyways, I’m fine other than a forgotten note, and more homework.:) I’m fine. REALLY.

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