Counterclockwise – 1:00 a.m.

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock… Tock tick. Tock tick. Tock tick. Tock tick….

The hands on clock started to spin around around, slow at first, but then, it turned faster, until you could see it no longer. The world began to spin, not allowing you to see your surroundings. Where, exactly, were you?
The hands on the clock stopped, and started to spin the other way. What made it do that? All that didn’t do well. But all the facts would soon spin together. Some day.

Splish! Splash! Splash! Sploosh! The rain came down in buckets, and splashed into the puddles on the side of the sidewalk.
“Hey, you. Yeah you in the purple coat. Stop splashing in the puddles. You’re getting it everywhere. Watch it, okay?” A voice came from behind a girl in the the said coat.
She turned around. “Okay. Sorr-!”
“Huh? Anything wrong?”
“No. I’m sorry.” She rushed away, and down the sidewalk.
“Why is he here? He shouldn’t be alive! This is! IMPOSSIBLE!”

The girl reached a run-down and abandoned toy factory called ‘The Smiling Doll Factory’, and she sat down on a large piece of the building that had once belonged in the building as a wall. She stared deep into the rubble, and the dirt began to move away from where she was staring, and a bright light shone from a hole she had just dug from the rubble. The light soon died down and in the hole, there was a bright coloured stone.
“What… what is this?!”

In some bushes around the factory, there was a boy with binoculars, looking at the girl.
“What… what is this?!” The girl cried out.
The boy turned on his phone, dialed a phone number.
Beep… Beep… >click!< “Hello?” The boy asked.
“Hello, Fersxa residence.”
“It’s Zel. Tell the miss that it has started. Thanks.”
“Of course. Please be careful on your way back.”
Beep! >click<
Zel, said boy, smiled and hugged his phone against his chest. He looked back at the girl.
“We shall see m’darlin’, we shall see.”


The girl dug her nose into her scarf and knocked on a mansion’s front door. She waited for a response. Soon enough, the door opened.
“Ah! Well isn’t it my favourite niece! My my, your soaking! Do come in! Yes! We’ll get you dried off. Here, I’ll hold onto your things until you want to go back, alright? It’s okay; what’s wrong?” A tall woman in her mid-30’s led the girl in. One of the many maids throughout the Victorian-styled manor brought the girl a towel to dry off with.
“So, darlin’. Little darlin’ Delle. What’s wrong today?” The lady that brought ‘Delle’ inside, was her aunt.
“Well, you know how sometimes I go crazy at night and my parents aren’t even aware, and I kill people against my will, but I see everything, but I don’t even know what I’m doing..? Anyways, I saw a man I’ve seen myself kill before, earlier today. I don’t really know. Then, I sensed a dangerous aura around the man, like he’s not human. I really don’t understand, Aunt Bel, HELP ME.”
“Woah! Desperate much. Well, your story is quite interesting, on that side, I’ll give you a discount. Only $8.00 now. Okay…. Well, I’ll tell you anything. Lay it on me!”
“Thanks. Well, I told you most of the parts, but there was this other time, after I saw the supposedly dead man, I went to the abandoned factory to clear my head. I was staring into the rubble and then the rubble began to clear a path down into the ground, underneath it all was a large round stone or jewel. I brought it with me. Here.” Delle dug around her bag and took a out the stone.
“Oh my! I’ve seen old manuscripts about a mysterious rock that is bright and sparkling, that is only found by a person who possess’ a terrible power. To tell the truth I already knew you had powers. And so do your parents. They were the ones that put the powers in you. Amazing, right? They produced a kind of air that was made from ancient souls and artifacts, and had it put into a room full of that kind of air, and placed you in there when you were 1 year old. I was a little bit… um… associated with that project. We called it ‘The Power  Experiment’. Surprising, huh? Anyways, your parents are VERY aware about your powers, also, from this stone, I can only tell you that your power development is increasing rapidly. I advise you to not get too angry, too emotional, or you might rampage in the day. Delle?”
“… Aunt Bel, you do know that when I rampage at night, I get more emotional in the day each time I go; how will I survive?”
“Hmmm…. Oh! I have a great idea. How about you live with me until you can control your powers and hire a home tutor. That way, no one will get in your way except us. We’ll calm you down in some way if you get to agitated. I’ll have the tutor know about your powers. No, I’ll get a very reliable tutor that I already know. Yosh. Oh right, we need to get your parents approval. We’ll go right now!”
“But Aunt Bel, I just arrived!”
“It’s fine, the faster things get done, the longer you can stay with me!!!! Okay. Get your stuff. We’re leaving in 4 minutes.”
“Yes, Aunt Bel…”

HEYYYYYYYY TTHHHHEREEEEEE. I’m back. I wrote this for 3 days. Why? Because for the past 3 days I got a little bored of typing after 200 or so words. Anyways, this story up there will be continued. You know, one of those weird series I write that tend to get a little off track. Um, the story is 924 words long. The whole post is 987 words long.

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