When I go to school I don’t get that distracted, unless I’m sick, and I just go,’HUH?!’ and not really realize what is going on, like now. I’m sick as heck. Coughing and stuffy nose. I feel like a stuffed up turkey. Don’t ask me why.
School is getting a little more complicated as we go. Essay thingy is done (a while ago), and Science Project is almost due. Music is due tomorrow. Gotta remember to give it to the teacher. The only fun thing, is going outside to play soccer. I play soccer with mostly boys, and my two friends, and a girl I absolutely detest (she openly offends me. Like who does that? I know, HER.), and her body guard that screams with her when they think they get hit. It’s like 10 meters away from them and they’re like,”EEEEEEEEEK!!!” And I’m like, “What just happened?” Yeah.

When people offend me, like REALLLYYY openly, and they know I’m there, I just go,”What a nice day! I won’t let that ruin it, okay?” So, they get annoyed that I ignored it and just stomp awaaay from me. That’s a good thing. Yeah. In grade four, I got ‘lightly’ bullied (if you want to call it that) by that girl before her bodyguard came in this year. The two girls who offend me, are SO DAMN annoying. I hope they just leave me alone next year. Too bad for me, because, in grade seven, I have to graduate with one of them. I hope they’ll learn their lesson by then.

I’m a boring person. Yes, I just realized. I don’t have much to say. The only reputation I have at school, is for being one of the teachers kid’s closer friend. Man… It sort of hurts when all they see in me is ‘that teacher’s kid’s friend.’ I’m more than that. I’m not actually that. I have a name, excuse me.

I’ve gotten into trouble by a lot of people since I was in grade one. In grade two, I had to go to the principal’s office like at least 5 times (some for good reasons, and some for bad reasons). In grade 3, I had one problem which was a set-up to get me in trouble, BECAUSE I WAS A NEW KID IN THE CLASS AND SCHOOL. In grade four, we’ve already gotten through that. This year… Only in trouble twice. One not too bad, the second time (recently…) it was a little (sarcasm), only a little, worse.

I’ve learned my lesson, how about the people that don’t like learn theirs, and stop distracting me from having fun I’m supposed to have at school. It’s supposed to be a fun place where you learn things for the future. Right? So stop ruining my day. I always have a sensitive side, which is part of my girly side that cares about my looks and all the stuff a girl should be thinking about. And last year a person took advantage of it, and I won’t forgive her. Even if she wants me too. Plus, if she wanted my forgiveness, it’s WAAAAY too late too.

That’s pretty much it for my “little” distraction post. It’s supposed to distract you a little bit. Yeah. ANYWAYS, SEEYA!!!

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