Fireworks!(and a tiring adventure.)

Yesterday, my mom, Grace, and I, went to the Celebration of Lights. We walked to the sky train station, then we rode through six stations and then we changed sky trains to a different train. Then, we went through two stations, walked about five kilometers and got to English Bay to see the fireworks. We arrived there at about eight something, we had brought some food along with a toy stuffy (I brought it!) and three water bottles all in one backpack. We also brought a picnic blanket to sit and watch the fireworks. Boy, was it crowded, or was it crowded! And then, when we were walking to the sky train station we saw a fight with teenagers (boys). Oh me, Oh my, my mom acted fast, and made me and Grace run to the other side. Then we finally got inside the sky train and I fell asleep. Then we changed trains. I fell asleep, again! Then we had to walk all the way home. By the time we reached my home it was twelve something. Then we ate ice cream(a good way to end a day! But in my case, start a day.)Then I took a shower and then went to bed and I fell asleep at one fifteen. And I woke up at ten forty-three. . .



edited by Grace


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