Global Warming

This is strange. I’m pretty sure last year it was like, half as hot it is right now. It’s like 30 degrees Celsius right now. And I think last year, around these days it was only 15 degrees. For me, here in British Columbia, I think if it’s above 10 degrees it’s already pretty warm. How am I supposed to endure the rest of this week safety patrolling for the school? Because, y’know, I have Safety Patrol next week. Yeah. For the entire week of sunshine. I wanted, I got it, and now it should really go. The sun is great but the heat ain’t my type. I actually like the smell of the rain. Okay. That just sounded like the beginning of a poem or something meaningful but not really.

So, once again, someone did something which makes me wonder if that person has a sanity or not. Because, you know, people always do things that make you question their sanity. And then you wonder how you tolerate people like this.

Tomorrow is another performance day. And I happen to know it is going to be a disaster. Because the dress rehearsal was an absolute mess. I feel like my music teacher doesn’t know how to manage time when teaching grade sixes. Because our dance is a huge scramble. And only the solo parts are perfectly aligned and practiced. That’s partially because the students themselves thought it up. And therefore, they can properly remember it. My solo is really strange and it’s probably because I thought it up, and I also choreographed my partners’ parts as well. And when I want something to look specific way, I start to get pissed off easily. So, I welcome cooperation with wide arms. ♥☻♥

Nowadays, I’m into music which I think I can “dance” to. Like catchy and fast songs. For example POP songs. Especially j-pop and k-pop. Because I don’t understand half of it, I won’t get distracted by the words.

Well. This has turned in to something longer than I had anticipated. Would ya look at the time. Made you look. JK. I need to get going. See you next time!!

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