Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Speeches have been presented. My French Project is technically the definition of ‘screwed’. I still don’t have a title for my novel that I wrote last term. And I need to make a cover design. My desk’s current state is pretty much what is going on in my brain. To type on the keyboard right now, my left arm is on top of my stack of a science textbook, planner, a novel, papers, and my pencil box. My right arm is on my rough draft of a cover which is pretty much empty. Beside my right hand are two water bottles. … Don’t ask. I also have a lot of Valentines, and… rubix cubes on my computer. I also have a bunch of pens and pencil crayons in front of my key board. My wallet is beside my left hand. I really enjoy describing my current situation. I don’t know why, but I just do. I should do my Science, actually. But… I don’t really know what to do about it, for my teacher wrote the instructions on the board, erased earlier than I anticipated, and didn’t write the assignment on the Planner board. I will… just try to do what she ‘asked’ of us. Yay! Alright. I really should be doing something. Well then, ADIEU~!

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