Hello People!

Hello people! I’m back! Today was the first day of 2nd term school year. So, we started with Spelling. Like the Spelling Test. Then some time for the Spelling worksheets for us to recognize our words. And then we had Novel Study. Then it was Recess. Then we had Math. And we also had homework. It’s okay, I finished it already. There’s Math EVERYDAY, and we actually have twenty-one questions, but we cut it into a part each day, so today it was questions one to ten. After Math we had Gym. In Gym, we did basketball dribbling. BO-RING! After Gym it was Lunch. I’m supposed to lunch monitor for one more week before the new schedule is posted. So I lunch monitored. During Recess and Lunch Recess, I played soccer. AND, after Lunch it was Silent reading. Then New Name Tag making time. Then a little bit of French. Then Planners. Then Home Time. XD…
ANYWAYS, the day was pretty much normal. Yah. So, I’m gonna go check stuff on the computer. Adieu~!

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