How The Sea Became Salty(Japan)

Before I start I will continue Best Friends.

This is a book report it is a story. I got it for x-mas. A Japan story.Let it start:My favorite part of the story is: A monk tells a man that there is a little cave at the end of the hillside and he went there and saw a little hole in a small rock hill and saw little men at work to make food for the man and he felt so happy.The part I don’t like is: When the mans brother(is going to be called:the brother)took something that you turn and get what you want thing and the brother ate something sweet and the brother wanted salt so he said”Salt,salt,salt!”and a lot of salt came.”Go away salt it is enough!Stop it!”but it would not stop!The salt went into the water. People in Japan believe that is how the water became salty.


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